Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sigh of relief, it's finally over... now to wait for grades.

I skipped a paper... it was only 10% of my grade & I was getting a high B anyway. I can't tell you how many times I've done that and somehow ended up getting credit anyway. I don't think it'll happen this time around... but that's okay. I mean... I didn't do it right? hopefully the test & other paper due for that class will bump my points up enough that I'll end up with a low B.

Most important lesson of the week? Trust what you know... don't venture onto new food territory while driving... it could be hazardous.

I was up until 1 am last night typing up yet ANOTHER paper (yep, 3 due today, see why I ditched the least critical one?). Anyway... so I got up again at 4 to finish and beat my usual alarm... by 5 minutes. I've been running on low sleep all week so last night's measly 3 hours almost killed me today. Everyone at work kept asking me hard questions like "were are the spare envelopes?" Well... at least they're hard when your brain is fried.

I pulled over on my way to school and got a sugar free RockStar (the ONLY energy drinks in the store were either that, ones I'd never heard of or Red Bull... nasty). I'd remembered Matthew saying that RockStar was pretty good so I grabbed one. Well, grabbed is being nice. I had to pry the sucker out of the cold case with a crowbar and watched it finally pop out and do a slow-motion triple back flip to the floor. Fortunately the thing didn't' explode, bu now I HAD to buy it because it was all dented and ugly. So I get back on the road and pop the top (red, it's going in my metal embelly box) and take a swig of the other-worldly neon yellow elixir.

When I awoke from the subsequent black-out I was only a few hundred feet up the street. I didn't spit it out all over the car nor did I manage to hit anyone so no long term damage. LSD comes back to haunt you years later so I'm hoping that there will be no flashbacks when I'm holding my brand new grand baby or something.

I promptly rolled down my window and poured it out along Bastanchury Road. I'm sure the stuff ate through the asphalt and created a massive fissure. I'll have to wait until next semester to see.

Someone had likened the stuff to a liquid Shock Tart... they left out the "Radioactive" part. I called my "better half" (ha!) and left him a nice message about how I now want a divorce on grounds of attempted murder by poisoning. When he called back he said eh hasn't tried Sugar Free RockStar. Like it makes THAT much a difference!

Anyway, I marched up to one of the convenience stores at school and begged the kid behind the counter for Monster. It's not a Pepsi product, damnit! I thought it was. At least there was an Amp Tall Boy alternative. I'm now sipping my neon elixir of choice and all is right with the universe again. G'night!

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Laura said...

too funny! you sure know how to paint a mental picture!!