Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sarah is evil. ;)

What is his name? Matthew

How long have we been married? Just had our 6th!

How old is he? 31

Who eats more? Me! It's a horrible habit.

Who said I love you first? I really don't know. I'll have to ask him.

Who is taller? Matthew

Who sings better? I do, but it's not really saying much.

Whose temper is worse? (Like Malia T.) Mine is more frequent but his is scarier!

Who is smarter? We're smart about different things. I know all kinds of "book" stuff, but he's got me more than covered on car/tool stuff. I think he's gonna be the better parent someday too, kids like him much more than me.

Who mows the lawn? He will someday

Who pays the bills? He does.

Who does the dishes? "me" But I'm really bad about it.

Who cooks dinner? Okay, neither of us do, we live off of drive-thru service. He has the know-how to do it, but I've "prepared" more food during our marriage than he has, and that isn't really isn't saying much. If it doesn't come in a can or box, I'm hopeless.

Who drives when you are together? Me usually, but him if it's his car, a long trip or I'm really tired.

Who is more stubborn? LOL that is a TIE!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I think he does.

Who has more friends? We have the same friends now, but most of them started out as mine.

Who wears the pants in the family? He does. That's the way it should be, it's why I married him, he can tell me "no". (But I don't make it easy...)

Ok, I tag Trena, Katie, Jessica, Cheryl, Tammy, and Jenny!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And another thing...

Just one more before I hit the hay... check out my new video!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On a lighter note

I played with our new Wii all weekend. I love me some Super Mario Galaxy. ;)

Last weekend was also the weekend of out-0f-town friends. We went to dinner with Sarah, Shyleen (and Colby), and Malia on Friday night. Then again for lunch (minus Malia, added Jenny & Gavin) for our usual salad, soup and breadsticks at the Olive Garden. Lemme just tell you... the one in Huntington Beach is just north of Warner, on the WEST side of Beach, just after all the car dealerships, hidden by a ton of over-grown trees and facing the opposite way on the street. Shy kept saying that "you can't miss it." We figured it was because she went at night before and the sign was much easier to see when it was all lit up. Oh well... I made it. Our waiter really sucked, but we had fun anyway. Jenny's little Gavin is only 8 months old but he's wearing 12 & 18 month old clothes. His parents are both tall so it's not very surprising (remember that for later).

Saturday night was a blast as well. Tammy & Spencer were in town so we (M&M and T&A... I think I'll start calling us The Chocolate Orgy LOL) along with Cindy and Layne & Stacia. It was a party!! I really miss T&S (they moved to Texas almost 2 years ago now), they were always a lot of fun. Trena and I found out that Tammy blogs now though (see the links list). It'll be easier to keep up with what they're up to now! :D

I also spent some time at Disneyland on Monday with Cindy and Sarah (and her daughter Melodie). Sarah and I got there first so we went directly to Small World (after riding in on the monorail). It's always a lot of fun when you go with tiny kids. (Melodie is so tiny, by the way, that she's 18 months old and just now starting to wear 12 month clothes. See the difference from Gavin? LOL) She danced on Sarah's lap the ENTIRE time. We made friends with these 2 really sweet girls in line. They were on vacation from New Zealand. It turned out that one of the girls grew up on a dairy farm in the town that they used to film the Hobbiton portions of the LOTR movies. They were really funny when we got to the Pacific Islands area, they were VERY annoyed that they got 2 kiwi's and Australia & Hawaii took over the rest of the area in that ride. LOL

So we got off the ride and met up with Cindy. We went on the Jungle Cruise and our guide was really funny. It was the same old corny jokes as always, but the delivery is all that matters. And the piranhas freaked me out again (they always do). Sarah and Cindy instantly decided that I don't abuse my pass enough and started making plans to get me there much more often (since Matthew never seems to want to go). I also replaced my recently lost Italian charm bracelet while I was there (such a steal). I got a new starter bracelet that comes with it's own charm (my last one broke so that was an improvement) and 3 new charms for $20. Yay! I want to fill it up now. I'll have to start another Kaboodle list for charms I want. ;)

We (Matthew and I) ended up at Sarah's that night to watch Star Trek: Nemesis. The new movie comes out for Christmas. Sarah let me borow the other movies since I honestly think I only saw the first 2 of the TNG ones and can't remember much from the 2nd one. We had fun. Matthew isn't a Trek nerd like we were (me, Sarah, Cindy & June) so all he could do was keep blurting out "Westly is gay!" Whatever! It was nice to watch an adventure of the Enterprise again. Data is the best!!


Since I first saw 10 Things I Hate About You I loved Heath Ledger. He was extordinarily adorable. I later found out that the hottie was not only an Ozzie, but also a Scotsman... hubba hubba! The interviews I'd seen made him seem so normal and down to earth.
So I was totally shocked when I heard that he had died. I read that text message from Roxy several times over before it sunk in. I'm really glad that Batman was done filming though. I've been really excited about that movie, and now you know it's going to get the same treatment (more so really because he's much more well known) as The Crow did. I think I'll pop in a couple of his movies to watch this weekend as a memorial. It's so sad that someone so young and talented had to die, but what makes me much upset is who he left behind. I can't stop thinking about his poor baby girl. :(

Yah yah Trena

I'll post soon. School just started. Lots happened last weekend and I'm trying to be sure I remember it all to post a marathon post properly!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

YAY! Jenny is blogging now!

I've added her to my links (Loveridge). I'm so excited to get to see all the new pictures of her adorable little boy, Gavin. :D

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The 22 Freeway

Okay. Bear with me if you don't live in So Cal. But I've learned that the 22 freeway is an awesome little tool. I spent more time on it last weekend than I had my entire life up until that point.

Friday night: We took it to Long Beach to T&A's apartment, drove some of their stuff to their new condo on it, drove back to our place from the condo on it.
Saturday: Took it to LB again, drove it to the condo again. Drove Michael home and back to the condo on it. Drove back to LB for dinner on it, drove it back home. From home back to the condo again.
Sunday: Took a break
Monday: Took it to the condo. Went shopping in Rossmoor with Trena on it. Went back to the condo for a quick tour of said condo with T's cousins. Drove back to Rossmoor. Drove back to the condo. Then I drove back home on it too.

Whew!! I lived on that freeway last weekend. It was fun though. And now T&A live MUCH closer too! Yippy!

Meeting the fam

Before I start, apologies for going awhile without blogging again. I ran out of stuff to say and I haven't downloaded any pictures from my camera to continue flashing back. ;) I'll do it eventually, I promise!

So. Roxanne has a boyfriend. Matthew and I took them to dinner last night (in a torrential downpour no less) at Florida, this amazing Cuban restaurant. He's adorable! He's really good for her too. Tells her off (NOT ONE of my siblings, me included in this, should date/marry anyone without a backbone, we're way too pig-headed), but in a nice way, and she takes it. He was cracking jokes and he's just a lot of fun. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
Did this one awhile back, but it's so me and my sissies. Last night reminded me of what it takes. ;)

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