Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First rule of AI... don't try to be a triple/double threat. If you're one of those "I'm the whole package" people, you're not going to make it. Know why? Because truly talented people usually are a little more modest about it.

Rule #2, if you're the singer in a semi-decent band, tell the band you're trying out for AI. This first one through wanted to go "the Daughtry route" and add the band back if she makes it through. Problem? If I remember right, Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry both told their bands and got support from them, Constantine Maroulis didn't. He went behind their back and they weren't too happy with him if I remember correctly.

NEVER sing a diva's song, especially if you're male, unless you've sung before a PAYING audience.

If the judges are grooving and dancing with you, they're just making the best of a bad moment. If they really liked your singing, they'd be nodding, quietly listening, with a small smile from Simon. If he gives you a big SE grin, run. He's trying very hard not to laugh in your face.

Oh. And if the deny you, and you STILL think you are a good singer, take it professionally. Thank them for their time, maybe ask for some suggestions if you feel up to more criticism, and walk away. Maybe you're right, maybe you really ARE that good, but use this as a learning experience, don't act like an @$$ on national TV, someone may remember you as a drama queen, and hold it against you later. :)

I love American Idol!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome back

"Back to life, back to reality..."

Hi folks! Remember me? I used to be that girl that came by at least once a week and updated you on the odd happenings of her life. Or funny videos. Or jokes. Or links... you get it. Well, today I think I officially came back. The holidays are behind us and (hopefully) so are things like finals and the like. I finished what should be my last finals the week before Christmas and, boy!, do I (hopefully) love that feeling.

I'm hesitant to start the rejoicing because CSUF (Cal State Eff You as many of my co-alumni "lovingly" have re-dubbed it) is notorious for giving you a bogus grad check. What does that mean you ask? It means that you pay them $150 (I think, it was over a year ago now) to perform a "grad check" a year before your intended graduation. The idea is that a counselor that knows school policy and understands those types of things, goes over your transcripts and double checks that you are, yes indeed, on course to graduate in a year. It is a requirement and a scam to steal more from, nay rape and take, your starving-student wallet. The problem with this "check" is that far too many people I've known have "passed" their grad check and finished up their last 2 semesters, only to be told, "you're still missing a class" from some numb-nut at the admissions office post graduation and walking and all. They've done it to at least 3 people I know personally, and have heard from others that they know people that got screwed over too. Granted, I'm in different major than these 3 individuals, only one of whom was actually able to argue his degree back, and my friends that have left before I have in my major haven't had problems, so I'm hoping all is well. (But you understand my reluctance now, don't you?)

Moving on. I felt that as my email box and all matter of blogging has been ignored by me, that today, I'd kinda jump around the 'net and read what's going on out there. My first stop was via my mailbox from Crystal over at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper. She mentioned that she'd been nominated for a top blogger list from a mommy blog network. I went and looked at it and was glad she made it into the top 25 (she's hilarious and I cannot recommend reading her enough). I then skimmed the sum-ups of the other blogs mentioned. WOW. My sides hurt. Some of my new favorites are:

Miss Britt- had me cracking up the whole time in this post where she describes a VERY female fear. I don't think I have any male readers at all, but if I do, spare yourself if the word TAMPON scares you.

And while we're still on that subject...

Shamelessly Sassy discusses another wacky thing that those darn-stupid-teenagers have cooked up now. Really? Like REALLY? Wow. That's a first for me too.

It's no secret that I'm not a domestic goddess. My favorite fridge magnet proclaims it. I hope that someday, I might be, when I don't' have work and have children to chase around instead, but we'll wait and see. I have some deep seeded fear that I'll actually end up like this instead. Read ALL the comments. I was in fits of giggles for a solid 15 minutes I think.

This is why, though I intend to learn, I think sewing is craziness. (Eva, call me! LOL)

Had enough yet? Me too. I'll try to post personal stuff soon. (I suck, I know)