Thursday, June 29, 2006

Since I’m “un-Christian” I’m getting political today

Why do so many people feel the need to criticize the Christian-ness of others? I know that by simply discussing this point I’m about to contradict myself… but in my one and only point of defense (or justification) I don’t DO what I’m about to criticize. (Does that make sense?)

I really don’t believe in attacking other’s beliefs. Everyone is entitled to whatever they want to believe. Whatever floats your boat right? As long as you’re not infringing upon my rights or those of others I don’t really CARE what you do. Do I disagree with things in this world? Hell yes! Will I vote according to the dictates to that? Yes, and that’s my constitutional given right. Every other citizen has that right.

Now to where I get cheesed. If I do something that you don’t like, believe something that you don’t like etc. don’t get on your freaking high horse and say I’m being un-Christian. Because flat out, you’re judging me at that point. And how did that little phrase go? Judge not, lest ye be judged. Don’t tell me I’m unchristian because I support someone who believes in actually punishing criminals. Those types are usually the same ones who bash people for having a different lifestyle than they do. Puh-leeze!

I am a sarcastic person and a proud Republican. Get over it.

I’m done now.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I dunno what just happened but my blog is fixed! Yay!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm freezing today. It's friggin muggy as all heck outside... and I'm FREEZING. That would be idicative by the icicles hanging from the AC vents here at work and the stupidity of me getting a soda at lunch. Between the two I didn't have a chance.

Dooce was especially funny today. If you bother to read the comments there are some great options in there about signs to hang over your doorbell. The woman never ceases to make me crack up. I could only hope to write as well as she does someday.

Flashback lunch is currently playing Oingo Boingo's Stay. Can I just tell you that' s one of my favorite Boingo songs ever? The only one that will consistantly beat it out for me would be We Close Our Eyes, the live version at the farewell show especially (that one brings me to tears). Jeez, I sound emo!

I find it funny that my mother raised me to wear black, pushed me away from dance classes and cheerleading, and then thinks it weird that I'm a semi-goth/punk now. I only say semi because I'm not really into "scenes" or dressing the part. Matthew gets annoyed when I call myself anything like that... because I'm not really, but if you look at my music and the clothes I do buy when money is no object (can you guess how often THAT happens?) then I do fall closer to that side of the spectrum. My favorite "grown-up" movies (not porn... just not kid-friendly) all have dark covers and involve vampires, pirates, star Johnny Depp or are just directed by Tim Burton. I love Metallica, Linkin Park and any other music that just screams at you. I've recently discovered H.I.M. who has been targeted as "goth" (as well as self-dubbed "love metal", emo and a bunch of other categories) and fell in love with them. I loved Hot Topic before it got overrun with retarded little 'tweens and their mommies buying clothes for them and only REALLY stopped shopping there due to lack of funding and their scary sizing ideas (thanks to said retarded 'tweens... a large will now cover only half of my massive boobs). I know they have a "plus" sized store called Torrid. I love Torrid... except I look like the skinny girl in the fat girl store there (I am NOT skinny btw). Where's the "alternative clothing" store for NORMAL sized women... y'know... from size "I eat like a decent healthy person should" to "a little more to love but not too big"? I guess if you like to wear black you're either suffering from an eating disorder or have bad thyroid (let the complaint emails commence!).

But then there's the OTHER me. The Mormon me. The scrapbooker/photographer/crafter/mommy wannabe. I have a softer "domesticated" side that I also love. Granted... I'm playing screamy music on my iPod/Tunes while I do it... but I do the cutesy stuff too. Mom says that it's the pink-loving ballerina dancing 5 year old that I was surfacing. I find it embarrassing to admit that there was a time when I loved to wear pink (although I own several work shirts in that color, it's only because my work thinks too much black is creepy). Maybe I'm just weird, I dunno.


I'm just your average confused Metal(lica)-lovin', head-bangin', motherhood-wishin', scrapbook-makin' Mormon girl.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Musical Game...

I found this photo awhile back and it's been the source of a lot of entertaining brain teasing... see how many bands/musical acts you can find in it. I believe there's supposed to be a total of 75.

I've found 54 so far. I'm really stuck on the last 21. I can find at least 13 more items that I have no clue on but I know they've got to be SOMETHING. Feel free to comment and leave the ones YOU see!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Randomness in it's finest points

I’ve been AWOL for a few days now. Oops!

Go to for an update too (shameless plug).

I’ve got major scrapper’s block right now. Not the kind where you can’t seem to DO anything… the kind were all your layouts look the same. I guess that’s more of a rut isn’t it?

I’ve also got some strange bit of insomnia. I’m like falling asleep in the afternoons (or fighting to stay awake the whole time) and then I get a second wind and keep myself up until 1 am. As you can see, it’s a self perpetuating problem.

The diet is going okay. I’m not losing pounds or what I notice as inches either… but I keep getting compliments so I guess it’s working… somehow. I’ll have to do photo comparisons soon I guess.

So steady as she goes… Have you heard Jack White’s new band yet? The Raconteurs, they’re awesome! I’ve been slowly sucked into indie rock the last few years (ever since the Killers). It’s been floating around a lot for quite some time… but every time I heard the term it didn’t really mean anything to me. Now I know. I really like it. In addition to the Killers I also greatly appreciate The Postal Service, Muse (I liken them to Queen), The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie. DCFC is played quite often on The OC. Musically that show is phenomenal (yes I watch it semi-religiously and I’m SO glad that they killed off Marissa because Mischa Barton bothers me greatly). Any newer artist featured on there seems to get popular right away. That’s all in thanks to Adam Brody (Seth) who is a real hipster when it comes to music. He’s really adorable too.

For those who are curious… my favorite radio station here is KROQ. You can hear their live stream at I LOVE their morning show, Kevin & Bean (so freaking funny) and the evening show done by Nicole Alvarez. She never has a shortage on the metal stuff… NIN, KoRn, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park etc. She is my girl! KROQ is also the home of Love Line with Dr. Drew (where Adam Corolla got his start). Drew is an awesome man. He’s helped so many people with so many problems/questions it’s unbelievable.

I think that’s all for now. I just had some randomness that needed to be put to paper.

Kisses and huggles.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm inspired. I've been trying to get some really good shots of my SIL's kids. After seeing photos from this site,, I now have a renewed inspiration to try out some more.

Beautiful huh? Check out the dreams of flying collection. Great shots! *sigh* I'm inspired... and stuck at work. Blah!

These just serve as reminders that I need a better camera. Matthew's is nice, but I don't want to wait to fill and develop a roll. I'd love to have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR. Maybe someday. I really should aspire for a laptop with PSE4 installed first as that will be able to bring my creativity (as well as my school work) into another plane. I love my Sony (Cybershot P-200) but it's kinda restrictive in the micro/macro department.

I feel rather mopey the last few days. I cheated pretty bad on my diet this weekend as we were going all over and didn't have much control (well... truthfully is we were being lazy but shhhhh) over where/what we ate. I didn't gain more weight so that's good at least.

I really needa park my behind behind the computer at home a crank out those LO's. I'm on a CT and I REALLY need to concentrate on that right now. Thankfully I've got a few ideas floating in my head... I've just got to put them to paper... er... pixel.

So tired... must go nap...

Monday, June 12, 2006

My weekend: The good, the bad, the exhausted...

Pictures to be shown later!

Good: Went to DCA for a private party with fun people, went to a Cookie Lee party, got my sister’s b-day gift, made another paint can for MIL, went to a party with some great friends and food

Bad: The car I crunched on my way out of the CL party (I was backing the truck up and she tried to squeeze past me, I didn’t see her and backed into her… I’m consoling myself by telling myself that it was only 75% my fault. No one was hurt and I really only dented her driver side front quarter panel. Shouldn’t cost the insurance much so hopefully my rates aren’t going to fly sky high.), the other party was a going away party for some fantastic friends… they bought a house in TX, feel off the diet boat (I’m getting back on today)

Man! I’m tired. Can I go take a nap yet?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

More creations

I’ll display 2 more LO’s I created the last few days. Please excuse the links as I couldn't make the photos cooperate.This first one is my lovely niece, nicknamed Poppy (long story… as most nickname stories are I guess). The kit is one of the freebies that came with the Simply Scrapbooking Digital 5 magazine. It can be found at Rozanne Paxman (site owner) is a wonderful person who instead of blogging, she writes a bi-weekly newsletter for the site (that includes links to 2 freebies) with her thoughts attached. They’re always thought provoking. I always enjoy reading them, and I actually KEEP those newsletters as they’re chock full of advice and great layouts.

Kit: Refresh by
Font: Lemon Chicken downloaded from the internet
Font: Scriptina downloaded from the internet

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*Sigh* The day of the devil… ho hum.

At least The Omen remake is coming out today.

Other than that, nothing special is going on. Well, except my annoying co-worker is especially passive aggressive and annoying today. She comes in with her superior smirk “did you vote this morning?” Um, no! Unlike you, I actually have to commute and the polls open right when I leave for work to be on time. I don’t live only 5 minutes away (and she’s 5-10 minutes late EVERY DAY) but they ARE open for several HOURS after I go home. Not that I’d vote for the Idiots that she wants in office anyway so why does she care? UGH!

So anyway…

I picked up my 1st printed trials of layouts at Costco yesterday. WOW! I’m like WAY impressed. I got the luster finish on a 12x18 print. I printed my Korn* layout (12x12) and the 2 pager I did of Liam at DCA** (6x6’s). Really nice! It cut a little off the bottom of one of the smaller LO’s though. I’ll have to go back and see if that was my mistake by not lining up the LO’s right in my 12x18 document or if it was Costco’s issue. If it’s Costco’s I’ll just have to be sure I don’t get so close to the edge of my pages next time.

*The photos printed really well too. They came from my friend’s camera phone so I wasn’t hoping for much. Too cool!

**I’m really excited since the 6x6’s will go to my sister-in-law for her birthday later this month. I’ll put them in an album (and print out some more LO’s of her kids that I’ve done) for her. She never prints the pictures she has of her kids and she’s not the type to ever scrapbook so this totally works! Then I still have them for my books as well! I’m also going to do this for my mom of all the pages I do of me and my sibbies when we were little. Such an easy birthday gift!

Speaking of birthday gifts, my in-laws “birthday hell” is upon us. Starting with my nephew’s birthday in late May through July we have 5 birthdays. Liam over Memorial Day weekend, my MIL this weekend, my SIL next week, BIL at the end of the month and the other BIL in mid-July. Mini-birthday hell is in November (me, my niece and my other BIL’s wife). My SIL’s husband is in April, FIL in August, and Matthew is in October. To add to both birthday hells my MIL has several of HER family’s birthdays falling in November or during our big birthday hell. All she does is send out cards! LOL

For her birthday (Sunday) I want to make a paint can. Actually EVERYONE is getting a paint can from me this year, well the womenfolk at least. I made one for my mom for Mother’s Day. (Coincidentally so did my littlest sister! But I made it into a movie kit, complete with her favorite chips, candy, popcorn and a copy of Highlander on DVD) My MIL loves the Lollipop Shoppe line from Basic Grey (I bought her a ton for her card making once) so I’ll probably cover her can with it. I REALLY need to get that spray adhesive too if I do since BG is a lot thicker than the Chatterbox I used on my mom’s (I used Mod Podge for that). I’m not too sure what to put IN the can for her yet but I’ll think of something. Maybe a couple cans of Pepsi and black olives (family joke).

The diet is going well. I’ve lost 4 pounds this week! We went to dinner last weekend at TGI Friday’s and ate really well. We didn’t get to have our old favorites (pot stickers) but he still can eat his fajita platter (just tell the waiter to not bother bringing tortillas) and I still got my sizzling chicken and cheese (with a side of broccoli instead of those glorious mashed potatoes). Really good. Next time I’m asking for butter for my veggies though as they weren’t seasoned at all. I fixed them with salt, and it was cooked perfectly (still that beautiful bright green and not mushy). We’ve also been going to In & Out and getting our burgers protein style (wrapped in lettuce instead of having a bun) and telling them to take off the “spread” (basically Thousand Island dressing). Word of advice… if you’re used to getting fries with your order… add an extra patty to your burger. I used to get an animal-style double-double, but now I need a 3x3 since I’m not getting fries or a bun. I love that I can actually EAT on this diet… I just need to know how to cook. LOL

I’ve got lots on my mind lately… now that I’ve unloaded some, I can think some more… I’ll be back when I’m ready to dump some more. ;)

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Okay... I'm pretty much computer illiterate... I'm more drag & drop than able to use code. HOW do I get my little sidebar back at the top? Why is it all the way at the bottom? :( SO not cool!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Creative goodness

Okay so I don't have much new to say (nor have I had time to post my HG pix, they're still coming, I promise) but I really wanted to brag about my newer LO's.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Meet Belen. She's my SIL's niece (her sister's kid). She's absolutely adorable so her mama has every right to sign the kid up for modeling. She's gotten 2 big shoots so far and this LO is the product of them! For this kit go to and pick up the Dinner Party freebie. Title is in Beyond Wonderland.

I love her work! She also created the kit (Splendid) for this next LO. Dates are written in CK Cursive, "finally meeting" is Scriptina, "Peasy" is the alphas from the kit:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is my darling Peasy. She's the one that invited me from to join another chat board that was a lot smaller and private. That board has since disolved but from that site came my beloved ScrappyLand. I've bonded with the women (and token guy) on that board. We've been through hell and back together, and they are considered among my dearest friends. We’ve dealt with many life issues together: sickness, death, births, child-rearing, job loss and fraud. We cheer each other on in contests and applaud each other’s successes. We are a family and I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

The art for the next 2 layouts come to you from my dear Sheila. Please visit her site DSFX listed in my faves.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These were my favorite shoes for YEARS. Since I almost cried when it was time to get rid of them I figured I'd better take pictures. The crazy things that occur to only scrapbookers! You can get the paper from this LO from Sheila's Virtues: Compassion paper pack. (Staples are from Shabby Princess) "Converse" font is called Beyond Wonderland, "Memories" is CK Cursive, "My Chuck Taylors" is English.

Those are from the Virtues: Honor paper pack at DSFX. It's my nephew at Disney's California Adventure. I had a lot of fun taking his picture that day. I've also read up on a lot of new techniques I'm dying to try out next time! (See Simply Scrapbooking's Digital #5 for great tips) Title in Walt Disney script, journaling in MA Fishy.

Please feel free to ask if I've forgotten a detail, I'll give you the info!