Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*Sigh* The day of the devil… ho hum.

At least The Omen remake is coming out today.

Other than that, nothing special is going on. Well, except my annoying co-worker is especially passive aggressive and annoying today. She comes in with her superior smirk “did you vote this morning?” Um, no! Unlike you, I actually have to commute and the polls open right when I leave for work to be on time. I don’t live only 5 minutes away (and she’s 5-10 minutes late EVERY DAY) but they ARE open for several HOURS after I go home. Not that I’d vote for the Idiots that she wants in office anyway so why does she care? UGH!

So anyway…

I picked up my 1st printed trials of layouts at Costco yesterday. WOW! I’m like WAY impressed. I got the luster finish on a 12x18 print. I printed my Korn* layout (12x12) and the 2 pager I did of Liam at DCA** (6x6’s). Really nice! It cut a little off the bottom of one of the smaller LO’s though. I’ll have to go back and see if that was my mistake by not lining up the LO’s right in my 12x18 document or if it was Costco’s issue. If it’s Costco’s I’ll just have to be sure I don’t get so close to the edge of my pages next time.

*The photos printed really well too. They came from my friend’s camera phone so I wasn’t hoping for much. Too cool!

**I’m really excited since the 6x6’s will go to my sister-in-law for her birthday later this month. I’ll put them in an album (and print out some more LO’s of her kids that I’ve done) for her. She never prints the pictures she has of her kids and she’s not the type to ever scrapbook so this totally works! Then I still have them for my books as well! I’m also going to do this for my mom of all the pages I do of me and my sibbies when we were little. Such an easy birthday gift!

Speaking of birthday gifts, my in-laws “birthday hell” is upon us. Starting with my nephew’s birthday in late May through July we have 5 birthdays. Liam over Memorial Day weekend, my MIL this weekend, my SIL next week, BIL at the end of the month and the other BIL in mid-July. Mini-birthday hell is in November (me, my niece and my other BIL’s wife). My SIL’s husband is in April, FIL in August, and Matthew is in October. To add to both birthday hells my MIL has several of HER family’s birthdays falling in November or during our big birthday hell. All she does is send out cards! LOL

For her birthday (Sunday) I want to make a paint can. Actually EVERYONE is getting a paint can from me this year, well the womenfolk at least. I made one for my mom for Mother’s Day. (Coincidentally so did my littlest sister! But I made it into a movie kit, complete with her favorite chips, candy, popcorn and a copy of Highlander on DVD) My MIL loves the Lollipop Shoppe line from Basic Grey (I bought her a ton for her card making once) so I’ll probably cover her can with it. I REALLY need to get that spray adhesive too if I do since BG is a lot thicker than the Chatterbox I used on my mom’s (I used Mod Podge for that). I’m not too sure what to put IN the can for her yet but I’ll think of something. Maybe a couple cans of Pepsi and black olives (family joke).

The diet is going well. I’ve lost 4 pounds this week! We went to dinner last weekend at TGI Friday’s and ate really well. We didn’t get to have our old favorites (pot stickers) but he still can eat his fajita platter (just tell the waiter to not bother bringing tortillas) and I still got my sizzling chicken and cheese (with a side of broccoli instead of those glorious mashed potatoes). Really good. Next time I’m asking for butter for my veggies though as they weren’t seasoned at all. I fixed them with salt, and it was cooked perfectly (still that beautiful bright green and not mushy). We’ve also been going to In & Out and getting our burgers protein style (wrapped in lettuce instead of having a bun) and telling them to take off the “spread” (basically Thousand Island dressing). Word of advice… if you’re used to getting fries with your order… add an extra patty to your burger. I used to get an animal-style double-double, but now I need a 3x3 since I’m not getting fries or a bun. I love that I can actually EAT on this diet… I just need to know how to cook. LOL

I’ve got lots on my mind lately… now that I’ve unloaded some, I can think some more… I’ll be back when I’m ready to dump some more. ;)

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