Monday, June 12, 2006

My weekend: The good, the bad, the exhausted...

Pictures to be shown later!

Good: Went to DCA for a private party with fun people, went to a Cookie Lee party, got my sister’s b-day gift, made another paint can for MIL, went to a party with some great friends and food

Bad: The car I crunched on my way out of the CL party (I was backing the truck up and she tried to squeeze past me, I didn’t see her and backed into her… I’m consoling myself by telling myself that it was only 75% my fault. No one was hurt and I really only dented her driver side front quarter panel. Shouldn’t cost the insurance much so hopefully my rates aren’t going to fly sky high.), the other party was a going away party for some fantastic friends… they bought a house in TX, feel off the diet boat (I’m getting back on today)

Man! I’m tired. Can I go take a nap yet?

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