Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow... just wow

I really think that the title says it all. So glad I'm not out there fighting the good fight. I'm also linking all my single guy friends to this so they can KNOW what I will kick their @$$ for if they EVER pull this crap.

The Douchiest Phone Message In History

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Custom Chucks that make Bono proud

Oh how I love my new shoesies!

Even the box is cool...

A shoe bag? Wow, cool!!

How's that for personalization? I wanted PixieMegh on the back but I had one too many letters. My scrap-board girls call me Pixie anyway... it's now become a nickname of sorts.

I'm thinking I should have made the tongue blue too now, but whatever. I wanted them as close to my usual as possible. I'm weird about matching so the minimal blue is really okay.

See? They're officially Red-ed. I wanna meet the coolest Irishman to walk the planet now.

For all you globally aware people, I am aware that (Product) RED is controversial. I bought the shoes that I normally would have... except now their customized... I paid more and SOMETHING is going to a good cause. That's better than what I would have given before had I just gone to the mall and picked up my usual pair of black low tops.

Monday, June 16, 2008


So you know... I started this review of the new ride at Disney's California Adventure a week ago, but my internet went down and then I had issues with updating. It's finally done and I left it dated of when I had originally intended to post it. Click the link and catch up! :D

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apparently I grew up in a sex-crazed ghetto

This wasn't the exact dealership that I Twitted but you get the idea...

This one is actually worse than the one I was watching. The person SELLING the cars was a suited dude and the girls were just wearing some slutty dresses. These ads are so bad they're all over YouTube!!

Twitter 1

Twitter 2

Twitter 3

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The hands down best ride ever!

I got to ride the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Disney's California Adventure. I won the chance in the Passholder Preview drawing. I had asked for two tickets for ANYTIME I could get them. I got them for a Wednesday day window (10-3). Matthew didn't want to take the time off work, but I get vacation! I called my friend Sarah as she's a formeer castmember and we always have a lot of fun! :) Andwe were going!!

This is me in line with Miss Melodie (Sarah''s ADORABLE little girl). Isn't she freaking cute? She's pretty shy of strangers and never seems to wamr up to me enough to let me hold her. We became best buddies this time. She actually asked me to pick her up!

Here are the cars. It's two of these booth things, back to back and then 2 sets of 2 are linked into a car. Confused yet?

So we got to the FRONT (as you can see from the position of the pictures) and it broke down! We had to "reverse" in line and as we were leaving, Melodie freaked out. She knew we were getting jipped... so we rushed over to the carosel so she could get on SOMETHING.

We then took a ride on the Sunwheel, and while we were on it, we could see that they were putting people back in line so we rushed on over. The line didn't move for awhile, and when I went forward to find out why, it turned out that the Beckhams were there that day and so they got to cut in before they re-opened the ride! I apparently had just missed them getting off the ride. Bummer. Well, we got back through the line and actually made it ON this time!

So, see those cannons? You pull the strings to shoot whatever you're throwing at that particular moment. The ride itself is 7 minutes long with 5 (I think) mini-games. You wear 3d glasses and launch different things. One games is throwing darts at balloons (and you feel air blasts on your face when you pop the big ones up close!). Another you break plates. One is like an actual shooting range and the ride moves along as you try to shoot the moving targets. That's my fat arm there below.

That's my score... 85,400. Not bad for a first time, and I can promise it will probably not get much better as the years go by. Sarah and I both agreed that they have all the potential to change the games if they want and vary it so that it can be different almost everytime if they want.
As we were being pulled back up to the docking area. We had so much fun!!

Thriller with a side of awesomesauce

From last weekend's Star Wars Days at Walt Disney World. It's pretty self explanitory after that.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great Twitter Debacle

For those of you that follow me on Twitter via wireless something... I apologize for the Twit-storm. It never dawned on me until my sudden shut-up moment that I may be disturbing others. (No one has complained yet, but I wanted to pre-empt any bad feelings.) :) Since my 2 friends have started on it we have used it as an IM/Group Chat service a few times, this one was the funniest by far, so I'm including the transcript for sharing. I've eliminated their names as they have private Tweets.

(All my spelling errors and everyone's rampant neglect of the shift button have been left intact.)

M: I hate my life.

S: Move up to Oregon with meeeee! :-D

M: I need to finish school so i can get a job so i can get my own place!

S: It was worth a try... heh...

M: Thanks though

P: Besides Oregonsmells of unwashed hippies.

M: I like hippies!

P: Not stinky dirty ones.

S: Not all of oregon... lol... Just parts... Kinda like how parts of LA smell like BO and urine. Hahah

M: Lol really really hating my life

P: @ S. Roflmao

P: Yes M. you like hippies. But hippies are like clowns, they're funny to watch but you don't want want to live next to the circus.

M: Good analogy Megh! Thank you

S: Hahahaha... Actually, hippies are quite amusing to watch...

S: And they're fun to live close to... Its like going to disneyland to people watch... but for free

P: I know! I said they were.

P: No. Because you get to go home & leave the scarey fake animals @ home after disneyland. The hippies stay, especially if you feed them.

S: Hahahahahaha... Megh's channeling eric cartman tonight... Damn dirty hippies!

P: Ok I'm laughing so hard I'm crying & can't see!

P: Jeez! I must be tired.

S: One nice thing about hippies... They have nicely kept lawns and gardens... And they leave all the steak for me to eat! Haha

P: Where dod they grow their pot then?

S: Hahaha... In their "hydroponic" indoor garden. In the basement.

It was actually where I made the crying comment when I realized that I may have faux pas'd myself. Please forgive me, I was having fun on a Friday night. :)

I love my friends.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Greetings nerdlings

Do you know how happy finding Wil Wheaton's blog has made me the last couple weeks? I feel my inner dork coming out more often now. We can thank my sudden possible intrest in playing FF11 on two things: the rest of the family playing... and my realization that being geeky is something that I just need to fully embrace. It's a part of me that isn't going anywhere and it doesn't compromise my "cool points." I can thank Aaron, Munchkin and Buffyverse RPG's for that!

So to honor my newfound full comfort with dorkdom (let's face it, I've always admitted to being geeky... I'm just finally fully aware of and happy with the extent of it) more droolness for Wil fans. ;)
The beard just enhances people. And not everyone who can grow one carries it off well either. Jessica is lucky to be married to someone who CAN carry it off. Matthew can't and knows it so he doesn't even try... thank heaven! Can I just say he seems like the nicest person in the world too? Not just some pompous @$$hat that thinks the world owes him something. I can't wait to have enough extra money to buy one (or all) of his books. I'm even overlooking the whole Democrat thing. He's not obnoxious about it, and he's from LA. Most folks around here just are that way. I forgive him.

And the other dork moment that made me totally gasp today...

To anyone that said Robert Pattinson was a horrible casting choice for Edward... eat that!

When I first read the books I had nobody in particular in my head (I don't think up actors to act out my books... I just kinda get vague images in my head, probably hybrids of people I've known or something, any way) so if you had asked me my favorite casting choice I wouldn't really have had an idea. I would have guessed some actor that's way too old for the part because I don't really know many of the young ones these days (guess that's good since I'm 26 now). I just would have said that I'd know him when I saw him.

Then I read who they cast. I was ecstatic! I knew INSTANTLY he was perfect! All those other actors that girls were boo-hooing about not being in it were all wrong. Those nay-sayers must not have really read the books because they all had the wrong coloring... skin, hair etc. Tan/olive skin and dark brown hair won't work people! She distinctly repeats over and over that he's got BRONZE hair. That's like a golden redish color. RP is a doll and I'm totally stoked for this!

Enough for tonight though. :) Have fun drooling and I'll post again soon!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Lake Beauvert

Lake Beauvert
Originally uploaded by elementalPaul
Here's another awesome one!

One If By Sea…

One If By Sea…
Originally uploaded by carpe icthus
I just hadda draw attention to this one. Beautiful!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The one where I avoid hijacking Trena's blog

Trena posted this and I started to respond... but it quickly got long winded and so I've turned it into a post.

I like Jessica's explanation... not changed, just expanded. I still live by the "if it screams I like it" mantra, but so many awesome and different bands have come out since HS. The Killers, Muse, etc. I still list Metallica and Korn as my favorites of all time, but my "current" faves have shifted to Killers, Morrissey and Muse from 311, PM5K and Depeche Mode. Doesn't mean I love the others any less, they're just not as high on my playlists right now.

Plus I've always appreciated 80s rock but didn't have as much access to it then as I do now. I'd heard The Cure, Smiths, New Order etc. but I only had access to what was played on the radio... not that I'm complaining. ;)

I went through high school during an amazing time for music. I know just about every decade says that, but we have a one up on the 80s or 70s kids... we had the benefit of those types of music too. Thusly why our music rocked so much. Those bands we had were influenced by the older styles.

When you thrive on music like I do (Trena MUCH more-so than I), you always look for the new and exciting. I firmly believe that 90s grunge & alternative will always feel like home to me, but I will always listen to contemporary music stations. Even when KROQ starts a 90s station, I'll always try to keep up with what's new. Granted there will be periods of timewhere I can't stand what they're playing and will jump around, but I'll always come back. Winter '06- winter'07 was a period where if I heard that STUPID 30 Seconds to Mars song ONE MORE TIME I'd have gone postal on some random emokid on the street. Not a happy time for music IMO.

During that rough year, I was constantly checking back to see if it had gotten any better... no? Okay maybe in a month...

I can't stand the thought of missing something new and cool. I've never been willing to go digging around for underground stuff. Granted, it may be better at times, but I really do believe in the free market and feel that the good stuff will eventually get there. There IS crap on the radio. I've bought CDs due to the heavy marketing of said crap and can look back and say some purchases were mistakes. That being said, I still enjoy said mistakes, but I just realize that it's mindless crap (Limp Bizkit for example). There's stuff that I love now, that I know Trena probably doesn't, that leads me to belive that it will also be a mindless crap mistake that I love anyway.

Then there's the mindless crap that I hated at the time but years later I'm able to go back and love it for what it is (or vice versa). You wouldn't have caught me dead watching, listening to or buying into the Spice Girls way back when. I now own their movie and have downloaded songs and videos since. There, I said it... I ENJOY the Spice Girls! Britney Spears? I bought her first album. I saw potential there. Never again. Gave that sucker away about a year later. It goes both ways for me.

When all is said and done, I don't think your taste changes. The bands I like now are influenced by the bands that I liked 10 years ago. I think you just keep looking for that similarity (ask any Grannie, they'll tell you that Squirrel Nut Zippers or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is great music). Easy listening in your older years only uncovers the fact that you didn't really mind it back when, it just wasn't a priority to you then, and now it is. I listened to KBig and Kost as a kid/early teen. I didn't start listening to KROQ until 10th grade. I've been making up for it ever since, but I'll never deny liking to listen to Phil Collins and The Police either. Or Dire Straits and the Beatles. My parents had much more influence on my music tastes in those days and it shows through on my iPod playlists (as I've posted here in the past). Hell! I'll even listen to GOOD country music (none of that Honky Tonk Badonkadonk crap... classic Garth Brooks or Johnny Cash!) on occasion.

Old age just makes you less rigid to what you'll listen to at that given moment. When you're a teen all caught up in angst and anger, that's all you want to hear, when you're older and your moods diversify more, so does your playlist.