Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Greetings nerdlings

Do you know how happy finding Wil Wheaton's blog has made me the last couple weeks? I feel my inner dork coming out more often now. We can thank my sudden possible intrest in playing FF11 on two things: the rest of the family playing... and my realization that being geeky is something that I just need to fully embrace. It's a part of me that isn't going anywhere and it doesn't compromise my "cool points." I can thank Aaron, Munchkin and Buffyverse RPG's for that!

So to honor my newfound full comfort with dorkdom (let's face it, I've always admitted to being geeky... I'm just finally fully aware of and happy with the extent of it) more droolness for Wil fans. ;)
The beard just enhances people. And not everyone who can grow one carries it off well either. Jessica is lucky to be married to someone who CAN carry it off. Matthew can't and knows it so he doesn't even try... thank heaven! Can I just say he seems like the nicest person in the world too? Not just some pompous @$$hat that thinks the world owes him something. I can't wait to have enough extra money to buy one (or all) of his books. I'm even overlooking the whole Democrat thing. He's not obnoxious about it, and he's from LA. Most folks around here just are that way. I forgive him.

And the other dork moment that made me totally gasp today...

To anyone that said Robert Pattinson was a horrible casting choice for Edward... eat that!

When I first read the books I had nobody in particular in my head (I don't think up actors to act out my books... I just kinda get vague images in my head, probably hybrids of people I've known or something, any way) so if you had asked me my favorite casting choice I wouldn't really have had an idea. I would have guessed some actor that's way too old for the part because I don't really know many of the young ones these days (guess that's good since I'm 26 now). I just would have said that I'd know him when I saw him.

Then I read who they cast. I was ecstatic! I knew INSTANTLY he was perfect! All those other actors that girls were boo-hooing about not being in it were all wrong. Those nay-sayers must not have really read the books because they all had the wrong coloring... skin, hair etc. Tan/olive skin and dark brown hair won't work people! She distinctly repeats over and over that he's got BRONZE hair. That's like a golden redish color. RP is a doll and I'm totally stoked for this!

Enough for tonight though. :) Have fun drooling and I'll post again soon!


Jessica Stier said...

Amen, Sista!!! That's all I have to say. You should be my best friend.

Trena said...

I'm totally happy with the casting choice! I think he's perfect and I felt the same way you did when they announced the casting. Ok - Wil still looks totally hot. Love the beard!

Trena said...

PS - Is your bathroom sick finally getting fixed????

Jon & Holly Schulthess said...

So did you go to any of Stephenie Meyer's signings in CA? I went to both of the Utah ones. They were awesome! Also, I'm going to Forks this summer with my...um...book club. Yeah, we'll call them a book club. Although we're really just obsessed with the one author. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you!