Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great Twitter Debacle

For those of you that follow me on Twitter via wireless something... I apologize for the Twit-storm. It never dawned on me until my sudden shut-up moment that I may be disturbing others. (No one has complained yet, but I wanted to pre-empt any bad feelings.) :) Since my 2 friends have started on it we have used it as an IM/Group Chat service a few times, this one was the funniest by far, so I'm including the transcript for sharing. I've eliminated their names as they have private Tweets.

(All my spelling errors and everyone's rampant neglect of the shift button have been left intact.)

M: I hate my life.

S: Move up to Oregon with meeeee! :-D

M: I need to finish school so i can get a job so i can get my own place!

S: It was worth a try... heh...

M: Thanks though

P: Besides Oregonsmells of unwashed hippies.

M: I like hippies!

P: Not stinky dirty ones.

S: Not all of oregon... lol... Just parts... Kinda like how parts of LA smell like BO and urine. Hahah

M: Lol really really hating my life

P: @ S. Roflmao

P: Yes M. you like hippies. But hippies are like clowns, they're funny to watch but you don't want want to live next to the circus.

M: Good analogy Megh! Thank you

S: Hahahaha... Actually, hippies are quite amusing to watch...

S: And they're fun to live close to... Its like going to disneyland to people watch... but for free

P: I know! I said they were.

P: No. Because you get to go home & leave the scarey fake animals @ home after disneyland. The hippies stay, especially if you feed them.

S: Hahahahahaha... Megh's channeling eric cartman tonight... Damn dirty hippies!

P: Ok I'm laughing so hard I'm crying & can't see!

P: Jeez! I must be tired.

S: One nice thing about hippies... They have nicely kept lawns and gardens... And they leave all the steak for me to eat! Haha

P: Where dod they grow their pot then?

S: Hahaha... In their "hydroponic" indoor garden. In the basement.

It was actually where I made the crying comment when I realized that I may have faux pas'd myself. Please forgive me, I was having fun on a Friday night. :)

I love my friends.


Sarah said...

I love you, too!

Jessica Stier said...

Suddenly some of your Tweets make sense! :)