Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catch Up

It's been crazy! Here's some photos to catch you all up on what I've been up to.

First up, my little troop has grown! I don't think I've posted pictures of my newest turtle. Easter also brought me an iguana. So meet: Jonas, Bree, Rhiannon, Emma, Chloe and Iggy!

This spring brought babies for 2 wonderful people in my life. I'd decided that I wanted to give them something truly from the heart so I found fabulous fabric (way more expensive than I'd thought, oops!) and had my dear friend, Stephanie, sew them up for me. Didn't she do a beautiful job?

I got my hair cut and dyed the weekend before Easter. Ain't it cute? It's faded a lot since then to a more brownish, but I was so sick of the really grown out bleached blonde nastiness. :) Much happier now.

Got bored one day... here's my school. This is the view from the top of one of the parking structures. That building in the front is the performing arts building/theater. The windowed one on the far right (top of the skyline) is where I've taken all my math and science classes. The visual art building is behind those trees on the left.

More gift fun! I made these onsies for Michelle (my friend from school who has kept me sane on this LONG journey). Her blanket & burp cloths are the cherry pattern seen above (they also went into the bag). Sweet and Rockababy credits can be seen in each link.

I had WAY too much fun wrapping that!

Trena started a bunko group. I forgot to take pictures before anyone left, so I took this one instead. I had a lot of fun!!

Went to Disneyland on 5/2 with T&A and the Richins'. We had a lot of fun! Matthew got on the carrosel with Liam. Cute shot huh?

Dear friends of ours bought a Coldstone about a half hour away from our place. He was in our wedding line and Matthew's best friend growing up. I'm looking forward to many nights down that way this summer!

My mother's day gift to my mom. :)

We went to Minnie's Moonlight Madness last week with our friends Kim and Matt. We had lots of fun and came in 121st place out of around 400. Not bad for 2 newbies (the Matts).

And I got these great shots of Main Street being essentially empty. The first is with my back to the hub and castle. That's the train station and flag pole at the end. The second is at the other end with the pole behind me looking at the castle. So cool!

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend always has my behind at the fair grounds for the Highland Games. We spend most our time at the athletic fields watching Allen compete, but we also eat meat pies and go shopping. Here's Allen preparing for his first caber throw.

And his second throw... messed up by some OLD crazy lady (no really... she doesn't look so bad in the photo but you had to actually SEE her to understand) who just randomly stopped right in front of me. Thanks!

The Highland Midgets. I've got video of them too. I'll post that later. ;) They were pretty funny.

And my latest acquisition. ;) I love it.

Sunday was Liam's birthday. Matthew is officially the favorite uncle for a bit as he picked this out for him:

That brings you up to date on me. It's been crazy busy. There was a lot left out too. Whew!! Stay tuned for fun video clips in my next post. :D

Cracked me up!

If you don't know my husband's 2 brothers this may not be as funny to you. But I obviously do. I've linked PA before, but it's this webcomic that my BIL's read. You have no idea how much these two characters (Tycho in blue, Gabe in yellow) embody Aaron and Michael (respectively). Even down to similar hair styles and colors (A is reddish brown, M is a dark brown). Their stuff is about gaming a lot, and I don't "get" all the jokes, but when it comes down to personality jabs, I'm always ROFLMAO.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cute kit, good cause

Songbird Avenue picks a charity each month and gets LOVELY kits from the combined efforts of popular designers.

Benefits go to Susan G. Koman for the Cure. Think it out. It'll be gone at the end of the month.


My faith in American Idol has been restored (the whole Daughtry mess really pissed me off). I haven't watched a stitch of this whole season since the semester started. Tonight was the first episode with the top 20 at all that I've watched. That being said...


Just because I didn't watch AI doesn't mean I haven't kept up with people. I've enjoyed both Davids this season but my favorite one won!

From the moment I saw this video I knew he was my American Idol this year. It's probably my all time favorite Beatles song & I found the video by happenchance. One of my co-workers mentioned that the Archuleta cover of Imagine was amazing, so I checked it out. Then I was curious about what other songs had been done... and I found David Cook. <3 <3 <3

So, Matthew and I were watching and I was wondering something about DC (can't remember what now) and I made the "mistake" of going onto Wikipedia... so I knew who won by 9:30 my time. I'll just say that I squealed with excitement when I saw who won. And then watching him actually win, awwwww. He cried. So cute.

And now that Idol is over... So You Think You Can Dance starts Thursday! WOOOOOOOO! I'm OH so jazzed!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you post photos online?

THIS is really important!!

In a nutshell:

Right now, as a poster to photosharing sites like flickr and photobucket you have some rights to your photos not becoming "public domain". As in, Google can't help themselves to your photos for advertising. There are currently 2 bills going on in congress that are practically unadvertised that will change your rights. Now, I'm not a professional photographer like Lorie, so this won't hurt my income, but that also means that IF I were to have private photos (of my theoretical non-existant children or anything else that I consider a private posting) they're no longer protected and those sites would be able to sell them or use them for their own purposes without compensation OR credit given. This could also affect layouts posted to such sites (which will screw over the designers that you used). NOT COOL (a more official like link)!

How do we fight back? Click here and fill out this quick form (it literally takes only like 1 minute) and it will instantly send an email showing your opposition to this stupid notion to your 3 reps on Capitol Hill. Support the arts and protect your family!!

Inner fangirl screams

LOOK at what I found today! He's just as cute as I remember.

I'm really interested in reading his 3 books too now. What a doll. :) He's married now too. I guess all that crap Matthew said about "Westly Crusher" being gay to me, Sarah and Cindy was just that... CRAP!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

4 in 24

That's right folks. I know I said in this Tweet that I was hitting my 3rd of the day, but afterwards I remembered the one I hit on my way home the previous night.

1. Coming home from school just before 10pm on Tuesday night- I cross 2 RR tracks on my way to the freeway from campus. Normally it's okay because I'm not fighting the traffic to get to the much closer on ramp and I bypass an annoying freeway in the process. Except when I get stopped by a freight train. Fortunately I haven't had to wait longer than 5 minutes for one yet.

2. On my way to work Wednesday morning, 7:15-ish- I cross 8 RR tracks every morning on my way to work. That's right 8 SETS not 8 actual tracks (that a total of 16 rails folks). 3 of these sets are side by side so I can potentially be sitting and waiting for 3 trains at once. I haven't been that fortunate yet... I have had 2 going at once before. These tracks are hit and miss, Amtrak uses them as well as freight lines. Every time you see the guard rail going down you just pray it's a passenger train! This time it was. :)

3. On my way home from work, rushing to the bank and then off to school, 4:15- A train derailed! Great! So now I have to drive around trying to figure out how to get around it. And you know that line about "To protect and serve" that the police are supposed to go by? Where was my service when I went down a deserted industrial street only to find yet another block? There was an officer sitting in his little police SUV with the car door wide open. I rolled down my windows and called to him (I wanted to know where I could get around). He IGNORED ME! It was like I wasn't even there. Serve my @$$! I'm usually one that tries to not bother police officers, I know they get a bad rap and they lay their lives on the line every day just like firemen, but that guy really pissed me off!

4. Coming home from school just before 10pm on Wednesday night- Another freight train! I was in front this time so I was able to get my own "stock" video. LOL I hope to U/L it soon. Just so you can see what a freight train looks like in the dark, because I know NONE of you have seen that before! ;)

I just don't understand, I live in Anaheim, learn in Fullerton and work in LA county, WHY do I have to worry about trains bugging me so much? When I was like 7 and we moved to Downey, I hated it because it was too small town (yes, I was aware of crap of that at 7... what 7 year old gets that stuff?). The trains drove me nuts even then. It was cool to sit there and count the cars and all that, but I KNEW that we never saw trains in LA... I felt like I was in hicks ville in suburbia!!! I dunno, I find that funny. Am I alone?

Friday, May 02, 2008

My Dorky Legacy

My best performance in high school. This was my senior year show at the tourney that we considered the best of the year (before we qualified for a state championship tourney).

The dumb thing about this was that THIS performance alone granted the FOLLOWING year's band to go to championships... it wasn't based upon the current year's season. It'd be like playing CIF championships in your senior year when you had a perfect record in your junior year.

Anyway, we won sweepstakes in almost all the categories that year. It was AWESOME! Geeky? Heck yeah! Proud? You bet your bippy. Watch that thing and tell me I have no right to… I dare you! ;) This was also the biggest class of seniors in a long time (band and color guard) so it was really special to us all.

Is it bad that I knew exactly where on the field to look to find me in the beginning of the show?