Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cracked me up!

If you don't know my husband's 2 brothers this may not be as funny to you. But I obviously do. I've linked PA before, but it's this webcomic that my BIL's read. You have no idea how much these two characters (Tycho in blue, Gabe in yellow) embody Aaron and Michael (respectively). Even down to similar hair styles and colors (A is reddish brown, M is a dark brown). Their stuff is about gaming a lot, and I don't "get" all the jokes, but when it comes down to personality jabs, I'm always ROFLMAO.


Eva & Mike said...

I love it!

Jessica Stier said...

Awesome!!!! I can totally hear A&M's voices when I read that. Too funny!

Trena said...

My husband is SO Tycho! I tell him that all the time. He nearly had a fit about this Hobbit thing. It's eerie how similar they are.