Friday, May 02, 2008

My Dorky Legacy

My best performance in high school. This was my senior year show at the tourney that we considered the best of the year (before we qualified for a state championship tourney).

The dumb thing about this was that THIS performance alone granted the FOLLOWING year's band to go to championships... it wasn't based upon the current year's season. It'd be like playing CIF championships in your senior year when you had a perfect record in your junior year.

Anyway, we won sweepstakes in almost all the categories that year. It was AWESOME! Geeky? Heck yeah! Proud? You bet your bippy. Watch that thing and tell me I have no right to… I dare you! ;) This was also the biggest class of seniors in a long time (band and color guard) so it was really special to us all.

Is it bad that I knew exactly where on the field to look to find me in the beginning of the show?


malia said...

two things
#1 Could you hear mom? I could.
#2 Why does the band look so small? I remember sooooo many people! Lol

Sarah said...

If you're a geek... I'm a geek.

Oh, wait, I already am. Oh, well. hehe

Eva & Mike said...

Isn't it funny how it works taht way. Mike's senior year tape qualified Cypress to go to NY for the Macy's Day parade but none of the seniors who were the particpants of that tape were allowed to accompany the school. I hear about this from time to time from his Mom. I always enjoined the band shows-just never played an instrument that qualified me to try out.