Thursday, May 08, 2008

4 in 24

That's right folks. I know I said in this Tweet that I was hitting my 3rd of the day, but afterwards I remembered the one I hit on my way home the previous night.

1. Coming home from school just before 10pm on Tuesday night- I cross 2 RR tracks on my way to the freeway from campus. Normally it's okay because I'm not fighting the traffic to get to the much closer on ramp and I bypass an annoying freeway in the process. Except when I get stopped by a freight train. Fortunately I haven't had to wait longer than 5 minutes for one yet.

2. On my way to work Wednesday morning, 7:15-ish- I cross 8 RR tracks every morning on my way to work. That's right 8 SETS not 8 actual tracks (that a total of 16 rails folks). 3 of these sets are side by side so I can potentially be sitting and waiting for 3 trains at once. I haven't been that fortunate yet... I have had 2 going at once before. These tracks are hit and miss, Amtrak uses them as well as freight lines. Every time you see the guard rail going down you just pray it's a passenger train! This time it was. :)

3. On my way home from work, rushing to the bank and then off to school, 4:15- A train derailed! Great! So now I have to drive around trying to figure out how to get around it. And you know that line about "To protect and serve" that the police are supposed to go by? Where was my service when I went down a deserted industrial street only to find yet another block? There was an officer sitting in his little police SUV with the car door wide open. I rolled down my windows and called to him (I wanted to know where I could get around). He IGNORED ME! It was like I wasn't even there. Serve my @$$! I'm usually one that tries to not bother police officers, I know they get a bad rap and they lay their lives on the line every day just like firemen, but that guy really pissed me off!

4. Coming home from school just before 10pm on Wednesday night- Another freight train! I was in front this time so I was able to get my own "stock" video. LOL I hope to U/L it soon. Just so you can see what a freight train looks like in the dark, because I know NONE of you have seen that before! ;)

I just don't understand, I live in Anaheim, learn in Fullerton and work in LA county, WHY do I have to worry about trains bugging me so much? When I was like 7 and we moved to Downey, I hated it because it was too small town (yes, I was aware of crap of that at 7... what 7 year old gets that stuff?). The trains drove me nuts even then. It was cool to sit there and count the cars and all that, but I KNEW that we never saw trains in LA... I felt like I was in hicks ville in suburbia!!! I dunno, I find that funny. Am I alone?


Sarah said...

I almost always hit a train on my way to work at 7:45am... especially on Tuesdays, when there's ALWAYS traffic. And of course, that's usually the day I'm running late... and with the horrible traffic AND the train... I'm screwed.

I have caught a few on my way home, but I tend to see them, speed, and out run them. :) heh

Jessica Stier said...

You are SO FUNNY!!! I was totally laughing when I read this.

I have a love affair with trains. I think it is spawned by my three little boys all loving them and it has rubbed off on me. However, I don't have to wait at train crossings on a regular basis. That would get old and begin to drive me nuts. Trains and I would have to break up.

We can hear the train whistle from my house. We love it.

Eva & Mike said...

This isn't about your train post...but I wanted you to know I was thinking about you yesterday and wanted to send my love!

Trena said...

Megh - it's because you work where it's all industrial! :) I pass by 3 porn shops on my way to work. What is better?? Haha

Pixie said...

Doesn't matter. I'm in the CITY. Trucks are amazing things. And besides, porn shops don't create that kind of traffic in the daylight.