Saturday, January 30, 2010

Name Abbreviations

In high school, my girlfriends all had shortened 3-letter nicknames. Meg, Mia, Dot, Bob, Kim, Dez, Jen, Shy, Bon... you get the idea. We all thought it looked cute written out that way. I dunno why, but we did.

Now, all my name shorthand seems to be based on couples. Only if they're funny. Matthew's whole family has a set: M&M, T&A, S&M, A&M and H&M. Trena and Aaron are the weirdos with no M, but their children will shortly become M&M Minis. Once they have more or Matthew and I have kids, I'll be taking that one back.

Assorted married friends include: PJ, The SS, J&B and A-Ha. Can you think up one for you? Or guess who you are?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Am I weird?

Gut instinct says a resounding "Yes!" but this is a specific question.

I don't remember my dreams very often, bit I usually remember WHO was in them if it's someone I know. And when I have celebrities in them its a total tame thing. I really can only clearly remember 2 celebrities even showing up. Johnny Depp did about 2 years ago, and Nathan Fillion has featured a lot lately.

When Johnny showed up, I was totally star struck & couldn't talk to him really. He was very cool and personable and just an all around nice guy (which I've heard before in the real world). There was a play at church or something and he was helping out (?).

Nathan Fillion is that "ruggedly handsome" goofball he plays in Castle & Firefly. In those dreams I had run into him at this crazy 100 story hotel that seems to be the center of my dreams lately. I've never been there before or seen it on TV or movies so I'm fairly its a composite of several places or totally made up in my head. Anyway, this hotel always has a lot of weird stuff happening in it. I cant remember particulars but I feel like its a TV series crossed between Indiana Jones and the TV show Las Vegas. Nathan has been randomly popping up to help out on various adventures. He showed up again during my nap and we discussed Twitter. Not only was he aware of me following him, but he had visited my Twitter page a few times.

Who dreams that? Talk about a dork! Most people have "fantasy" dreams. My celebrity crushes turn out to be normal people, and we just chill. Whatever. I still don't wanna wake up from them. :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

You know that song by Garbage? Yeah, I've always joked that it was about me, but now I'm really beginning to wonder. I have felt so uninspired lately. Ideas come, but I lack the enthusiasm to start projects. NOW, when it's pouring like it hasn't since I was in high school, all I wanna do is craft. I've got all these awesome ideas whirling around in my head with no where to go. I'm going to be a crafting maniac!