Saturday, January 30, 2010

Name Abbreviations

In high school, my girlfriends all had shortened 3-letter nicknames. Meg, Mia, Dot, Bob, Kim, Dez, Jen, Shy, Bon... you get the idea. We all thought it looked cute written out that way. I dunno why, but we did.

Now, all my name shorthand seems to be based on couples. Only if they're funny. Matthew's whole family has a set: M&M, T&A, S&M, A&M and H&M. Trena and Aaron are the weirdos with no M, but their children will shortly become M&M Minis. Once they have more or Matthew and I have kids, I'll be taking that one back.

Assorted married friends include: PJ, The SS, J&B and A-Ha. Can you think up one for you? Or guess who you are?


Dot said...

I assume we are The SS...? haha

Although, we are S&S like you and Matthew are M&M. :) It's kinda cute!

Trena said...

You guys will always be M&M. My kids will probably now inherit the name of midgets! Since we really can't call Liam and Allie that anymore!!

Cheryl said...

C & R...mens fine suits right? Or there's always RC Willey in mean Bishop.