Saturday, September 30, 2006


I got 9/10 on both my presentation and written for one of my classes. It was due last Thursday and is mostly the reason behind this post.

Meanwhile I'm not going to spend a heckuvalot of time on the computer today as I've got paper calling to me. I really need to spend some serious scrap-therapy time today. DON'T forget to go pink this month! It's mucho importante that we all get that mode of thought out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And a HUGE sigh of relief

Tests, papers, presentations... all done... for the next 2 weeks or so at least. That makes for a very happy me! Can we say a huge sigh of relief?? I feel like a 2 ton truck has been lifted off my shoulders. The best part? My old habbits that are impossible to kill came through again. Nothing beats me being desperate and staying up late the night before. I always get the grade. LOL

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's getting to me. I've got that non-stop sick feeling in my stomach. I don't have any idea how I'm going to survive this semester. Excuse me while I go puke. :(

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hodge Podge

There’s a lot going on for me lately. Friends being stupid and moving away or not calling me back… I’ve also got MOUNTAINS of homework to get through. I finally have a computer to work with (on loan from my MIL) but we still can’t figure out what the hell happened to the old one. It’s not the new monitor, mouse or keyboard that he bought in “attempt” to find the problem. I feel like we’re hemorrhaging money and all we really need to do is just take it to Best Buy or something and have the lovely Geek Squad look at it. I’d just chalk it up to getting a new system but I NEED some stuff (like mostly complete LO’s) still on there and have no way of getting it as it stands at the moment. *tear* Not to mention my music collection. Most of that has been moved to the external HD but there’s still some stuff that HADN’T been moved yet that I’d be upset to lose. Meanwhile I can’t charge my iPod either as I don’t have a plug in unit for it. Grr!

I think I’m just overloaded right now. Needa find time to actually CREATE. Why is it that I’m only inspired when I don’t have the time to dedicate to the idea? At least being computer challenged has made me rediscover my paper fetish. I made a fantastic page for one of the girls on SL. I still need to SEND the sucker to her but it’s cute. It was a coordinated paper baby book that we all put together separately and then one of our members puts it all together and gives it to the expectant mommy. I was really proud of this page… once I get a way to DL my photos I’ll be posting!! She didn’t get it with the rest of the book because I was lame and lost track of time. Duh!

One of the guys brought in the most awesome cookies today. He got them at Costco and said that after he tried them he HAD to bring them to share the yummy goodness. I don’t know whether I should be mad for the horrible temptation or grateful for the scrumptious treat! He said to look for them in the Christmas stuff. They’re called European Pastry Cookies (Kirkland brand). They’re like eating crunchy cream-puffs (for lack of a better way to describe them). Sandwich cookies with cream filling and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. There are several flavors in each box too so keep an eye out for them. They’re TOTALLY worth it. I wanted to link to them for you but since I can’t find them on their website you’ll just keep your eyes peeled.

Going pink for October

My MySpace and blog here will be PINK in October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I stumbled upon this site this morning and have decided it’s a fantastic idea! Hopefully I’ll have some designing capabilities by the time October comes so that I may actually CREATE my own stinking banner (and what better time than BCA month?) for once! If not… there’s other ways of pinking it up! I’m serious now! This is my cause… live it up and join in on the fun folks!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years

Has it really been that long now? It’s so hard to believe. I was sobbing in the car this morning. K&B had created a fantastic montage for the 1st anniversary and they replayed it while I was driving to work. I’ve been numb all morning since.

I was walking with my dad to the car on my way to work when my grandmother came out to tell us that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. We just shrugged it off as like that little Cessna that had crashed into it a few years before. Dad’s radio in the car didn’t work so we drove and talked like always. When he dropped me off in front of my work I noticed that the TV in the conference room was on. I walked in to see what the damage. Then I saw it, the fire and smoke coming out of the first tower. As I watched with one of our estimators, a plane flew into the 2nd tower.

My heart skipped a beat. It was impossible! How could this happen? The rest of the day was a blur. I stayed glued to the TV, leaving only long enough to answer the phones at my desk 10 feet away. Not that it happened much. Most the rest of the country was watching TV too. We all watched in horror as they came down. The shock of the other 2 planes was too much to grasp. Businesses closed that day, most classes at school were cancelled, Disneyland even closed!

That day was truly infamous. What seems to have been forgotten was the fervor of patriotism that followed. We stood as a nation and fought back; Fundraisers, blood drives, memorials & vigils, bumper stickers, the flag was EVERY WHERE you looked, it was amazing. Disneyland had nightly patriotic firework displays until the Christmas season. It was awesome to be an American.

Take a moment to remember the events of that day. Remember the heroes in not only New York, but those that died at the Pentagon and in that field in Pennsylvania. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you, because if that day taught us nothing else, life is short and you never know when your time will come.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Search for Meaning

So I have this class where I'm supposed to write a lot. Instead it looks like a LOT more reading, but I digress.

I have a test on this book today, so I was up late reading it. It's really good though. This guy has a lot of great perspective on how to give your life meaning and creating the right attitudes in life that will make you happy. He's the founder of the 3rd type of psychotherapy that came out of Vienna (along with Freud & Adler). It's called logotherapy. Logos is Latin for meaning so this therapy helps you find MEANING behind your suffering and issues. It's really cool stuff.

The main part of the book is talking about his experiences in a concentration camp during WWII, which in itself is really interesting, but on top of it all he's analyzes his behavior (and others) and sets up explanations about what he discusses in the 2nd and 3rd portions of the book (a summary of logotherapy).
I highly recommend this book to anyone (I can think of a few that SHOULD read it). I plan on using some of his ideas and applying them to my life. It's that good.