Monday, September 18, 2006

Hodge Podge

There’s a lot going on for me lately. Friends being stupid and moving away or not calling me back… I’ve also got MOUNTAINS of homework to get through. I finally have a computer to work with (on loan from my MIL) but we still can’t figure out what the hell happened to the old one. It’s not the new monitor, mouse or keyboard that he bought in “attempt” to find the problem. I feel like we’re hemorrhaging money and all we really need to do is just take it to Best Buy or something and have the lovely Geek Squad look at it. I’d just chalk it up to getting a new system but I NEED some stuff (like mostly complete LO’s) still on there and have no way of getting it as it stands at the moment. *tear* Not to mention my music collection. Most of that has been moved to the external HD but there’s still some stuff that HADN’T been moved yet that I’d be upset to lose. Meanwhile I can’t charge my iPod either as I don’t have a plug in unit for it. Grr!

I think I’m just overloaded right now. Needa find time to actually CREATE. Why is it that I’m only inspired when I don’t have the time to dedicate to the idea? At least being computer challenged has made me rediscover my paper fetish. I made a fantastic page for one of the girls on SL. I still need to SEND the sucker to her but it’s cute. It was a coordinated paper baby book that we all put together separately and then one of our members puts it all together and gives it to the expectant mommy. I was really proud of this page… once I get a way to DL my photos I’ll be posting!! She didn’t get it with the rest of the book because I was lame and lost track of time. Duh!

One of the guys brought in the most awesome cookies today. He got them at Costco and said that after he tried them he HAD to bring them to share the yummy goodness. I don’t know whether I should be mad for the horrible temptation or grateful for the scrumptious treat! He said to look for them in the Christmas stuff. They’re called European Pastry Cookies (Kirkland brand). They’re like eating crunchy cream-puffs (for lack of a better way to describe them). Sandwich cookies with cream filling and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. There are several flavors in each box too so keep an eye out for them. They’re TOTALLY worth it. I wanted to link to them for you but since I can’t find them on their website you’ll just keep your eyes peeled.

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Anonymous said...

all we really need to do is just take it to Best Buy or something and have the lovely Geek Squad look at it.

or you could just ask one of your semi tech savvy friends to look at it. whats wrong with it? (talk to me via phone or myspace.)