Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To friend or not to friend

That is my big question on MySpace/Facebook.

Do you add people you hardly know? I try not to, but then there are people I knew well at one time that I don't know really at all anymore. Then there are the people who I hardly know but I've had a lot of fun with them the few times I've seen them (or in the case of Trena's family I blog stalk them and have become buddies with them that way). Either way, they're not quite acquaintances and not quite friends. I like them as people so I add them.

But what do you do if a family member is dating someone? Or a really close friend? I have one friend that got friended after my sister was dating him, I've met him once. As nice as he is, they're not dating anymore (but still friends) and I don't know him. Do I remove him? Let's not get me started on the various girls that have liked/dated my brother-in-law or close male friends that I've added. So far, I've kept those girls because I've developed a small connection to them personally.

But now what do I do with the NEW girls? How soon is too soon to add someone like that? Facebook doesn't help when they SUGGEST people that you MAY know based upon how many common friends you have with someone. That feature freaks me out.

The funny thing that happened with that feature was that it told me to add some guy that I'd never heard of. According to Facebook, this person shared 2 friends with me, my cousin that moved to Detroit from our area when she was like 8ish (and now lives in Utah) and the now ex boyfriend of my sister. My sister doesn't know how they're connected either. It could be a couple different things, you never know when you're LDS. Y'know how they say everyone is connected in 6 degrees? If you're both Mormon then it's only 3, and 4 if you're not Mormon but related to some or hang out with them a lot.

Anyway... how do you decide who to add and who not to? (And follow my blog roll for my friend Tam's Facebook rejects blog... it's funny!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Albertsons IS my store

They found my keys! I'd lost them well over a month ago and I kept thinking I'd left them behind in the store somewhere. I went back a couple times the first week or so and they never turned up so I resigned myself to knowing that when school was out I'd have to go and replace all the keys (my house, Trena's, Matt's parents', my parents' etc) when I had time. I was very sad but what can you do?

Well today we got a call from the customer service department saying that my little Albertson's card was still attached to my keys and that they'd been found! So I ran down there and sure enough they were there! :D

I'm so happy! It's a Sunday miracle! ;) lol

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Worst Comic Book Movies Ever

Entertainment Weekly put out the worst 20 movies ever. Here's MY commentary. ;)

20. GHOST RIDER (2007) Yah think? Who's idea was to cast Nicolas Cage? I don't know the comic at all, but really. That was a no brainer. He's great in stuff like Gone in 60 Seconds or National Treasure... but as a bike riding, flaming skull superhero? Duh!

19. THE SHADOW (1994) I had totally forgotten about this one. I wanted to see it when it came out (let's face it, I was 12). I'll spare my Netflix que the embarassment now.

18. BARB WIRE (1996) I missed this one, and I still want to see it for the comedic value.

17. CATWOMAN (2004) Halle Berry, she ruined Storm in X-Men, there was NO WAY I was going to see this. She besmirched the name of Batman.

16. BRENDA STARR (1992) I know nothing about this, we'll keep it that way.

15. THE PHANTOM (1996) See The Shadow... except I was 14 and a little more skeptical.

14. DAREDEVIL (2003)/ELEKTRA (2005) I avoided both like the plague. These and Catwoman were products of greed... "Hey that X thing flick made a lot of money... let's make more!"

13. TANK GIRL (1995) I wanted to see this one. I think I still will. ONe of the girls at church was nicknamed TG. I can't remember if it was before or after the movie though. This is the ONLY reason I want to see this as I've heard from others that it was pretty bad.

12. FANTASTIC FOUR (2005) I didn't think this one was THAT bad. It wasn't GOOD, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected either. That beign said, I didn't see the sequel because I knew it could only go downhill from there.

11. SHEENA (1984) I'm too young for this one so see #16.

10. THE PUNISHER (2004) I know nothing about this franchise but I just got a bad feelign about it. Matthew saw it; I didn't hear any raving about it so I guess I'm not disappointed.

9. SUPERGIRL (1984) See #11, although I did have teh paperdolls that were merchandised from this movie.

8. BARBARELLA (1968) Heard of this one, knew nothing about it. I may Netflix it now because it sounds THAT hilarious.

7. HOWARD THE DUCK (1986) I saw this ONCE on tv as a kid. I don't remember anything but now I think I want to rewatch it. It'll be funny.

6. STEEL (1997) I don't even remember HEARING about this one.

5. SWAMP THING (1982) Too young; Too bad, so sad.

4. BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) This would be George Cloony's "contribution" to the franchise. I knew it was bad back then, saw it anyway, and cried. EW says it all... "There are nipples on the Batsuit. Nipples. On. The. Bat. Suit."

3. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (2003) I enjoyed this one (Matthew didn't, thus why we haven't bought the DVD). I know the comic version is supposed to be MUCH better, but as I knew nothing about it beforehand I had fun. Now that I know more, I've been trying to get my hands on it to experience the "real" thing.

2. SUPERMAN IV: QUEST FOR PEACE (1987) I'm not a Superman fan anyway (Batman is WAY better). I only saw the first 2 growing up (maybe pieces of the 3rd, I can't remember) and have yet to be convinced to catch up on the last one from a few years back.

1. JUDGE DREDD (1995) Never saw it for one reason: Sly Stalone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I looked out the window

Photo from (it's clickable and links back to the original)

And what did I see?
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!

Spring is here! I think I may take my camera out for a flower photo walk this weekend. Yippee!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I just wanted to post a comment made by Vicki Stegall of

I was talking with my son earlier today about earth day and how important it is that we do what we can to help our planet. You know, the importance of turning off lights when we leave a room, etc., and I totally had a lightbulb moment. I realized that we, as digiscrappers are already doing it! We're eco scrapping. We've gone green!

What a great spin to put on a fun (obsession driven) hobby! Today I'll find the time to post something. I dunno what, but it's been quite awhile (partially because I haven't been doing much as far as scrapping goes, but also because I've been REALLY busy). Go scrap something and be proud that when you print it out, it'll only be ONE piece of paper, rather than 10 partial pieces that the remainders are now either in the trash or cluttering up a drawer/closet/table/cubby somewhere.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Riding coattails or just parallel careers?

Natalie Portman was just announced to star in the latest remake of Wuthering Heights. (Before I start going off… please let it be known I love both actresses…) Am I the only one that sees this as a slap at Keira Knightly? Both girls are equally lovely & got their real start in Hollywood in Star Wars Episode 1. Few people I’ve talked to realize this but KK was the “fake” Amadala while NP was off being Padme somewhere.

I just feel like that after KK’s awesome work on Pride & Prejudice (Trena will disagree and say that the BBC mini was better, and it was, but you can’t compare a 6 hr. mini series to a 2-3 hour movie) NP is scrambling for a similar role. It’s different enough that you can’t immediately compare them, but the time period is parallel. I dunno. I just felt like it was a bad ruse to put herself out there again (it’s her turn again… they’ve been ping-ponging for years). At least do a book that hasn’t been done in awhile, like Jane Eyre. I’d say another Austen novel but that’d be too obvious.

Both girls have now starred in an adventure trilogy and done an outlaw thriller (Domino & V for Vendetta). I didn’t see Love Actually but I think that it’s the same type of chic flick/feel good movie as Garden State. NP does more indie films while KK does more of the bigger Hollywood flicks. I dunno. I guess it’s bound to happen when they both look so similar (and yet they don’t… odd).

ETA: Okay… apparently Jane Eyre has been done a lot too… WH had been done to death in the last 10 years though. I know! Someone come up with a NEW idea!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I want to play so bad...

This having my computer down is driving me nuts! I so want to goof off with a little creativity!

I finally bought a Starbucks customizable tumbler. I don't know how long I've been looking but I finally found one by chance last Thursday. Now I get to use my template that I bought (don't ask me where because someday when I get my EHD working again I'll find it and let you know then) awhile back and CREATE something fun for it.

I know I said I'd get a new header... but it's not working for me right now (creating, not the actual act of installing one). I'm still pretty fond of this one so I'm not in a super rush anyway.

Lately I've been getting less jazzed about some designers and more so about others. It's not so much something the designers did, it's more like I'm just getting more inspired by a different style lately. The problem? I've been cut WAY back on my DSB budget. Well, I dunno if cut back is the appropriate word as much as I was given one. Bummer. I know where my hard earned money is getting dumped next time I can buy though. :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

For Fun

I love Photoshop (Elements)! This beautiful picture was ruined by my flash being retarded and I couldn't "fix" it entirely, but boy did I improve it!!


Perfect? No, but MUCH better. :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still need more

Blogs!! Cheryl, Peas and Cindy I am calling you out personally! I think I still need Sarah and Danna too!! HELP!