Sunday, April 27, 2008

Albertsons IS my store

They found my keys! I'd lost them well over a month ago and I kept thinking I'd left them behind in the store somewhere. I went back a couple times the first week or so and they never turned up so I resigned myself to knowing that when school was out I'd have to go and replace all the keys (my house, Trena's, Matt's parents', my parents' etc) when I had time. I was very sad but what can you do?

Well today we got a call from the customer service department saying that my little Albertson's card was still attached to my keys and that they'd been found! So I ran down there and sure enough they were there! :D

I'm so happy! It's a Sunday miracle! ;) lol


Trena said...

Horray! Now you don't have to jump the fence when you come to my house! :)

Eva & Mike said...

Congrats! I love that Albertsons.