Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flashback: That's what I call Winter!

It rained all day on Nov. 30th. That was a Friday. I took those pictures on my lunch on my way to McD's. The others were taken the next day when the sun finally decided to show his face. I had just spent the first all-nighter of finals finishing up a portfolio for my Comparative Literature class (I have yet to know how I did in the class). It was my hardest class this semester because it was on Saturday mornings and by that point in the week I didn't have time to do any of the reading. I did enjoy the teacher and my classmates though. I'm hoping I did well because I got A's in my other 2 classes. So far I'm good... one more to go!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flashback: Black Friday

I normally hate Black Friday but this year it was fun. The day before, Trena had gone through all the ads and decided she'd wanted this flat screen TV from either Wal*Mart or one from Target. She INSISTED that she was going to get up and get it at the crack of dawn. (She didn't.)

We all met up at my in-laws to go shopping together (Matthew's sibbies and cousin Brad). Sarah brought Allie, who was all dressed up:

Those are her Princess shoes. She got a whole bunch of them from Matthew's mother last Christmas. Her other grandmother gave her the crown and a matching wand too... and now she has the dress to match! She wore that dress shopping with us and got compliments all day!!

First stop was at Nordstrom Rack. I struck out, but had fun shopping. We then went to DSW. I LOVE that store!! I got the cutest little flats. They're black with pink flowers and a pink ribbon. Similar to this one:

Aren't they cute? I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I also bought my first pair of Steve Maddens. I was OH so excited to get them. I cannot find a picture though. They're relatively plain black pumps, but they've got the name on them! ;) I've been wearing them at least twice a week now and LOVE them. I also almost bought a hot pair of Chinese Laundry heels, but Trena wisely talked me out of them. (I got the Maddens instead) They were like 5" heels and total F-me shoes but I wouldn't have been able to wear them for long periods of time.

I find it amazing that I'm even talking about shoes anyway. Show this blog to the me of 5 years ago and I wouldn't have believed it!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the craziest little girl ever. She got Uncle Keith to catch her a lizard... and she played with it while wearing her princess dress. Enjoy the irony!!

Flashback: Allie's Birthday (celebrated on Turkey Day)

We celebrated Allie's birthday after Thanksgiving dinner. Since the family was in town and they'd all pretty much be leaving on Sunday, Sarah thought it'd be more fun/easier that way.

She was so cute! She opened all of her cards first (how many 4 year olds know to do that?). Her dad, Matt, insisted it must a genetic girl thing because no dude ever does that. She got lots of fun things but the immediate favorite was her Aurora dress. She had Sarah put it right on over her clothes and then she turned around and started climbing in the bushes with her brother. She's the ultimate tomboy! :)

What a cutie!

More to come... ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Metal Geek Magnet

So Matthew bought a bunch of new clothes yesterday at Anchor Blue. They're really nice, but not what you'd normally see him wearing... they were really more like Aaron and Michael's style... button up shirt, pull-over sweater and nice jeans. He looks cute... just a little different than what you'd normally expect him in. I'm sick today so I was disheveled and wearing jeans and a Family Values Tour shirt.

We went to the grocery store and went down the frozen food aisle. Matthew was looking at the icecream acros the case and further down the asile from me (I was looking at frozen dinner stuffs) when this geeky box boy came up behind me all excited. "So cool! I went there too!!" And gives me this toothy grin and a double thumbs up and went on his merry little way. I just kinda nodded and smiled and went back to studying the frozen food case.

He ended up in line behind me and Matthew later (I think he was on break) so he was asking me who my favorite was and started telling me about how cool this year's tour was and he had SO much fun and... you get the idea.I was laughing about it in the car to Matthew. I said something about how he must not have very many friends who he can talk to about that kind of stuff if he has to talk to ladies at the store who are like 10 years older than him. So Matthew didn't think I was correct on the age thing. "You think he was only 18?" Uh yeah, on the UPPER end of how old he could have been. The kid's voice was still cracking.

Wherever he his he can feel glad he made a sick "old" lady feel better. I cracked a smile and even laughed a little.

Flashback: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was super yummy! Matthew's grandparents and aunt/uncles came in for a visit. This also included his cousin Brad who we never get to see so it was fun to hang out with him for the weekend.

The food was YUMMY and we had a lot of fun just talking and joking around.

Flashback: November 16, Luau!

We had a luau for our outgoing bishop at church. We had a lot of fun but the best part was watching all the kids go nuts to the music. We had a Polynesian dance troupe come in and put on a show.

Here is my friend Stephanie's little boy too. He would clap along with everyone after each little "set". He could never figure out why I kept laughing though.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock was a master

Thanks to the writers strike I now get to play catch-up with my Netflix. Tonight's feature, instead of Dirty, Sexy, Money was Disturbia.

Shia LeBouf is freaking adorable. This movie totally freaked me out too. Loved it!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Whew! It's been an insane month! I just took the last test final last night and turned in my last projects tonight. I've only got one more final season 'til graduation! Yay!

Updates? Umm... I need to go through all my pictures to remember it all. Off the top of my head there was Turkey Bucks, Thanksgiving, Allie's birthday, Black Friday shopping and tons of homework (that whole weekend).

My Magritte presentation was awesome (for my Child Development Art class) and I had a monster project due for my comparative literature class (I'll show you the cute cover I made for it). That weekend was spent pretty much on homework too.

week's events included a cartoon about my life (we read Our Cancer Year & watched American Splendor). I couldn't come up with anything good so I drew Trena getting groped after Wicked. I realized after I'd drawn the preliminary sketches that I could have written about a couple other times that weird stuff happened to me and Trena (like that torrential downpour) so I just may do it for fun. I named my new comic The Adventures of Meghan and Trena. It made the girls in my group giggle (sorry Trena) and they all said they'd keep men nearby in H-town from now on. :)

Art class was a lot of fun these last 2 weeks as it was a bunch of presentations and hanging out with my professor. He's really passionate about art education (aren't all art teachers? :) ) and it has been an inspiring semester. I've already decided that I've totally deprived myself of FUN classes my entire college career. Granted, I've taken more fun classes and picked things I was more interested in as I went along, but I hardly count that. I'll be hanging out at the JC up the street this summer taking art classes... for fun!! Oh! Maybe a graphic design course! That would be a blast!

So... I took my final on Saturday. I was totally worried about that class, the final wasn't as bad as I'd thought and I'd gotten better grades than expected on a few things. Score! I've probably passed it. Last night's test wasn't bad either.

I pulled yet another all nighter last night though (for my art portfolio). It's still not complete... but it's awesome looking... that should count for something. At this point, done was good. I'm so tired. I'd had almost a whole Amp Tall Boy before 9 am (usually I'd nurse one until noon on a day like this). And what am I doing now? Typing instead of going to bed... welcome to my world!

Oh! I forgot... I also got 12 new shirts at Threadless the last few weeks. They're cute! This Christmas is also all about Internet shopping. It's SO much easier.

Wednesday I've got a church meeting and bridal shower on Thursday. But hopefully I'll be able to get on and post pictures little by little. I've got some really fun shots in there! (And great stories to share!)

Signing off for now,


Like REALLY wired. I feel like I should be running around the office with my shirt pulled up on my head screaming "I am Cornholio!!" I've narrowly escaped from letting out Beavis-like giggles several times already today. I'll update more tonight to fill you all in on the last 6 weeks or so.