Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flashback: That's what I call Winter!

It rained all day on Nov. 30th. That was a Friday. I took those pictures on my lunch on my way to McD's. The others were taken the next day when the sun finally decided to show his face. I had just spent the first all-nighter of finals finishing up a portfolio for my Comparative Literature class (I have yet to know how I did in the class). It was my hardest class this semester because it was on Saturday mornings and by that point in the week I didn't have time to do any of the reading. I did enjoy the teacher and my classmates though. I'm hoping I did well because I got A's in my other 2 classes. So far I'm good... one more to go!!

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Jon & Holly Schulthess said...

So about a potential piggy...Since you aren't at home a lot during the semester I would suggest getting a pair of females so they don't get lonely. My pig is a diva and won't let any other pigs near her. (Believe me, we've tried.) Guinea pigs live in herds in the wild so when we bought our single pig we were told to spend a significant amount of time with her everyday because she needed to learn that we were her new herd. If you want to only have one pig,you'll probably need to spend a few hours a day with it between the two of you. Also, they are extremely social animals and their cage needs to be in a room that you guys use a lot. Our pig lives in the living room. She likes to nap under the coffee table while Jon and I watch TV.