Saturday, January 05, 2008

Meeting the fam

Before I start, apologies for going awhile without blogging again. I ran out of stuff to say and I haven't downloaded any pictures from my camera to continue flashing back. ;) I'll do it eventually, I promise!

So. Roxanne has a boyfriend. Matthew and I took them to dinner last night (in a torrential downpour no less) at Florida, this amazing Cuban restaurant. He's adorable! He's really good for her too. Tells her off (NOT ONE of my siblings, me included in this, should date/marry anyone without a backbone, we're way too pig-headed), but in a nice way, and she takes it. He was cracking jokes and he's just a lot of fun. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
Did this one awhile back, but it's so me and my sissies. Last night reminded me of what it takes. ;)

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Trena said...

Very cute LO. I love the picture where you and Roxy are screaming or trying to eat Katie! So cute! Thorey and I saw a bumper sticker one time that said, "Life's a bitch, and so is my sister" and we just laughed and laughed at that. It can be so true at times!! :) But you love them all the same!

Jessica Stier said...


Sorry, it's not a better comment than that! I'm too tired but I'm sure I'd say more if I could... :)