Saturday, January 05, 2008

The 22 Freeway

Okay. Bear with me if you don't live in So Cal. But I've learned that the 22 freeway is an awesome little tool. I spent more time on it last weekend than I had my entire life up until that point.

Friday night: We took it to Long Beach to T&A's apartment, drove some of their stuff to their new condo on it, drove back to our place from the condo on it.
Saturday: Took it to LB again, drove it to the condo again. Drove Michael home and back to the condo on it. Drove back to LB for dinner on it, drove it back home. From home back to the condo again.
Sunday: Took a break
Monday: Took it to the condo. Went shopping in Rossmoor with Trena on it. Went back to the condo for a quick tour of said condo with T's cousins. Drove back to Rossmoor. Drove back to the condo. Then I drove back home on it too.

Whew!! I lived on that freeway last weekend. It was fun though. And now T&A live MUCH closer too! Yippy!

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Trena said...

Sorry for dragging your butt all over town!! It was fun though. I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I haven't updated in forever because our computer wasn't set up!! But now it is, so I'll post something soon. :)