Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm seeing Moz at the Hollywood Bowl!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brain issues

I never pointed out our lovely Sheila's new freebie!

Talented ain't she? Cruise on over to her blog. And pick it up.

More DSFX news: We're moving to a new server. THis means great things for us. I'm so proud of Sheila, she's got big ideas and she's not letting the man keep her down! ;) Love ya dear!

Monday, March 26, 2007

OH NO!!!

The Order caught the scoobies! I can't wait another few days to find out what happens... I needa know NOW!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer of awesome movies

Mostly sequals or #’s in serials but still. I’m starting a MUST SEE list so I don’t forget them all.

Spiderman 3
POTC 3 (I just saw the trailer… SOOOOOO cool!)
HP & the OOTP (see bottom for countdown)
the final Bourne movie (LOVED the first 2)
Transformers (This is more for Matthew… GC is more for me)
The Golden Compass (The first of the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman. I read these books several years ago, just happened upon them accidentally and they’re FANTASTIC… I had no clue a movie was coming until I saw stills linked on MSN. I’m SOOO excited! JK Rowling likes them too… that’s an endorsement! *wink*)
And a Nancy Drew movie that I know nothing about but I’m sure it’ll be cute

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Comedy of Errors

Murphy’s Law : things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance

Let me just tell you what kind of day I’ve had. It really started on Friday, last week. My car alarm started going nuts. It kept arming and disarming itself several times a minute. Normally I wouldn’t care but it has this annoying chirp that it makes when it does that. Everyone else thought it was funny, but I just found it annoying. I had one of the shop guys snip a wire (we thought it was disconnecting it completely but I later realized it only affected the sound) to make it stop. My keyless entry still worked so I just parked the car on the street over the weekend until Matthew had this Friday off to take it in and be fixed. We’ve learned the hard way several times over that parking my car on the street is SAFER than parking in the apartment’s lot (unless you have an active alarm).

Then on Sunday I was sick so Matthew did the laundry and let me doze/lounge. He came back in at one point and announced that he did a first for us. I opened my eyes and asked him what did he mean? “I washed my cell phone.” Great! Well, that’s why we pay for insurance right? His new phone is due in the mail today.

Two completely unrelated incidents right? Flash forward to today, Wednesday. I kissed Matthew good-bye on my way to my morning shower as usual and then got ready for work. I got into my car and noticed it was making that weird clicking that it had been making on Friday after we disconnected the siren. Hmmm. Oh well, that was bound to happen once in awhile right? So I go to start the car… click. Click. Nothing. Dang it all!

So I call work and tell my boss that my battery was dead and I’d be coming in late. Next step, find someone to jump my car. I back into my apartment and call my friend Stephanie. She’s still home and feeding her little boy so I ask if she or her hubby can come downstairs and jump my car. Sure, no problem. So I lock my place back up and go outside and wait. Jeremy comes down to see where I’m parked and goes back to his car. I go out to wait by my car. *This is where it gets really good.*

Since I’m parked on the street we were worried about the cables being able to reach so I put my stuff IN my car and my keys in the ignition, popped my hood and trunk and climbed out of the car. I figured that if the car did it’s locking/unlocking thing again I could just get in when it unlocked again. I’m digging in my trunk and I hear the car lock, stupid car. So I go to stand by it and wait for it to unlock again. But it won’t. NO!!! My purse and phone are in there! By then Jeremy has pulled up and is getting out of his car. Um… yeah.

No problem, let’s go inside to get the spare keys right? We wake up the apartment manager (it’s like 7:20 now so whatever!) and get the spares to get into my apartment. Only to remember that my spare keys are in my purse because they’re also attached to the mail key. Stupid stupid! Normally in this situation I could just call Matthew on his cell and have him click the car open with the keyless entry remote through the phone (it works… how do you think OnStar does it?). Except for the fact that he doesn’t have a phone! He works for a city a few lumps over and drives all over the place in their trucks so I have no other way of reaching him (I’m making him give me a number to the dispatch center or something for future emergencies). So I close my hood and trunk and we go back up to their apartment. Stephanie calls their roadside assistance service to see if they’ll do it while I kick myself for not being more proactive about pushing to keep Triple A. Their RA won’t help me because I’m not listed on their insurance (we figured but tried anyway). So Jeremy offered to pack up CJ in the car and drive me to work. He said he’d even pick me up in the afternoon! Steph insisted because she said enough people have done it for them so they need to pay it forward. Meanwhile Jeremy plans to check my car all day to see if it actually unlocked itself so he can collect my stuff (keys, purse, phone etc.).

And today was street sweeper day. Guess who will have a big fat parking ticket when they got home. Thank heaven I’ve got some fantastic friends though! Matthew and I can take them to dinner or something to thank them for rescuing me.

I couldn't help myself

I just had to finish it. It's of my BIL and his (practically) girlfriend (he doesn't want a full time GF now but spends all his extra time with her... whatever). Aren't they cute though?


Kit- Sheila Nelson, Dreams of Dublin and Love n Stuff freebie kits

Template- Jessica Gorney

Cutesy page coming up

Sheila posted a new freebie kit in her blog over the weekend... it's really cute. I made my new header from it. ;) Everything (element/paper wise) is in it except the cute little chipboard Jonas I made. He and the thistle are mine (well... I made the thistle from a ring photo I hijacked off of a Scottish jewelry site, but you get the idea). Jonas was chipboarded courtesy of an action from Atomic Cupcake.

I've got a cute LO in the works too with this kit... I just need to sit down and finish journaling and titling it. Maybe tomorrow? It's kinda late now.

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Page

I actually have 2... can't post one though. I've made it for a friend and I don't want her seeing it before I give it to her.


Template: Johanna Berry
Papers: DSFX by Sheila Nelson (Modest From Virtues Collection)
Butterfly: Sweet Shoppe by Suzy Nunes (Be Inspired Kit feat. Gina Miller)
Journal box: Shabby Shoppe by Shabby Princess (Festival Kit, recolored)
Doodle: me
Stock Photos:
Fonts: Another Typewriter, Ma Sexy, SF Toontime Shaded

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Excuse me I think you have brains leaking out of your ears

Oh sorry, that's me. For those of you that don't know, I'm taking a physics theory class. We're not talking Newtonian physics either. I can now tell you all about Einstein's theory of relativity. Well... the basics at least, it is, afterall, only a THEORY class. I can't do the fantastic bits of math to go along with it. Why would I take such a freaking horrible class you ask? Oh, because it's REQUIRED for my major. Evil evil class. Fortuneately it's taught by one of my favorite teachers ever... because you actually LEARN from him. None of this, "please regurgitate exactly what I just taught you the last several weeks" crap. I'm actually expected to be able to apply my newly founded knowledge to answer questions. This works out in a good and bad way. Good: I actually learn something. Bad: it's friggin hard and hurts to think about especially when your grade is on the line.

Anyway. I just took the mid-term. I should have regained my sanity in time for next week's lecture. Aren't you proud? I honestly think I did okay considering how little time I studied for the sucker. Exactly how well remains to be seen, but I did feel better walking out than I did walking in. Of course, that also has to do with the fact that the torture session was now over. I'm listening to Muse right now. It's making me feel better. I had Boingo going in the car, that helped too.

One more thing. Dooce linked to this and I thought it was pretty cool. Gummy bears!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I do remember you

How could I forget? I'm eternally thankful and proud of you. I owe you a great deal, and love you very much.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I feel terrible! I broke the cardinal rule of digi-scrapping… I didn’t give credit. I just noticed a new comment on an older post and it made me realize I didn’t give credit for the brushes I used in this post and here too. Bad bad bad Megh!

I got them from the wonderful Design Fruit (Jason Gaylor). The same guy that did the brushes from my other papers. I’m really sorry… I think you can still get them on his blog (linked in my list). They’re really cute and please forgive me Disc community for I have sinned.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm bored with my layout (writing wise) I keep looking for interesting things to say on my blog and can't come up with anything. Then I look at the blogs I haunt the most (Gina Miller and Dooce) and realize they're just a couple of mommies making money doing stuff they love and writing about their everyday lives. Time to make a change! This entry will be especially long as I've got lots to say!!

Lately my newest obsession is LG15. It's called Lonelycrack for a reason folks. This is where to go if you're interested in starting the Lonelygirl15 saga. It gets you through a huge chunk of the videos without having to spend HOURS doing it. After that... they're all posted at ;)

You Tube is also an endless supply of laughs... I tend to post random videos... but I swear... they're worth watching. Here's one that made me cry yesterday....

~*Dying to Buy*~
The new Post Secret books. I've only bought the first so far, but I REALLY need to add the other 2 to my collection. As I searched for a link I found out another one is due out in October this year. Honestly, I cannot express how important this site is to me. It’s saved lives and I have sent secrets to it too. There’s something cathartic about it. Not only that but reading the secrets of others that are much like your own is almost as healing. I want to get all these books and one day share them with my teenage child. I wish I had had something like that back then, and who knows where it’ll be when I get to that point in my life (as a parent). Proceeds of the book sales also go to the Suicide Hopeline... get great self therapy and help others? Awesome!

This next one I'm getting today on my way home from work. KoRn Unplugged. They're an amazing band. I've followed them for almost 10 years now, they're one of my favorites. Seen them 3 times (twice last year) and they never fail to make me happy... kinda strange considering they're metal. I think it's because the anger in the music is taken away from me and all the aggression is sucked out as I sing along. Hearing them acoustically is like another planet. That's the TRUE measure of rock music to me, if it can transform and be expressed into another style then it's fantastic! Metallica did it by playing with a symphony... another amazing work!!

This Friday I'm having some ladies over to scrap! I'm so excited. My BIL is dating this doll that works at my LSS and I'm having her come over to hang out and scrap! It'll be lots of fun! Pictures to follow (for REAL this time!).

That's about it for now though. I've got lots more but I'm short on time once again. Have a great day and I'll be back soon!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My name is Jonas

The name has been floating around a lot lately in my life... Here's the Weezer song...

The hottie from LG15...

My new "pet turtle". He's named Owen on LG15 but I named the turtle Jonas and the crab Daniel.

And my new drawers from Ikea: