Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm bored with my layout (writing wise) I keep looking for interesting things to say on my blog and can't come up with anything. Then I look at the blogs I haunt the most (Gina Miller and Dooce) and realize they're just a couple of mommies making money doing stuff they love and writing about their everyday lives. Time to make a change! This entry will be especially long as I've got lots to say!!

Lately my newest obsession is LG15. It's called Lonelycrack for a reason folks. This is where to go if you're interested in starting the Lonelygirl15 saga. It gets you through a huge chunk of the videos without having to spend HOURS doing it. After that... they're all posted at ;)

You Tube is also an endless supply of laughs... I tend to post random videos... but I swear... they're worth watching. Here's one that made me cry yesterday....

~*Dying to Buy*~
The new Post Secret books. I've only bought the first so far, but I REALLY need to add the other 2 to my collection. As I searched for a link I found out another one is due out in October this year. Honestly, I cannot express how important this site is to me. It’s saved lives and I have sent secrets to it too. There’s something cathartic about it. Not only that but reading the secrets of others that are much like your own is almost as healing. I want to get all these books and one day share them with my teenage child. I wish I had had something like that back then, and who knows where it’ll be when I get to that point in my life (as a parent). Proceeds of the book sales also go to the Suicide Hopeline... get great self therapy and help others? Awesome!

This next one I'm getting today on my way home from work. KoRn Unplugged. They're an amazing band. I've followed them for almost 10 years now, they're one of my favorites. Seen them 3 times (twice last year) and they never fail to make me happy... kinda strange considering they're metal. I think it's because the anger in the music is taken away from me and all the aggression is sucked out as I sing along. Hearing them acoustically is like another planet. That's the TRUE measure of rock music to me, if it can transform and be expressed into another style then it's fantastic! Metallica did it by playing with a symphony... another amazing work!!

This Friday I'm having some ladies over to scrap! I'm so excited. My BIL is dating this doll that works at my LSS and I'm having her come over to hang out and scrap! It'll be lots of fun! Pictures to follow (for REAL this time!).

That's about it for now though. I've got lots more but I'm short on time once again. Have a great day and I'll be back soon!!

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Trena said...

So bummed I can't make the scrapbooking party. Post pics please, and especially of your work!!