Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer of awesome movies

Mostly sequals or #’s in serials but still. I’m starting a MUST SEE list so I don’t forget them all.

Spiderman 3
POTC 3 (I just saw the trailer… SOOOOOO cool!)
HP & the OOTP (see bottom for countdown)
the final Bourne movie (LOVED the first 2)
Transformers (This is more for Matthew… GC is more for me)
The Golden Compass (The first of the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman. I read these books several years ago, just happened upon them accidentally and they’re FANTASTIC… I had no clue a movie was coming until I saw stills linked on MSN. I’m SOOO excited! JK Rowling likes them too… that’s an endorsement! *wink*)
And a Nancy Drew movie that I know nothing about but I’m sure it’ll be cute

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Genevieve said...

Ohmigosh!!!! They're making Nancy Drew and The Golden Compass into movies?!?! I think I just peed my pants! ;) I loved the Golden Compass, though I haven't gotten around to reading the rest of the series. And I was a HUGE Nancy Drew fan when I was younger! :) Those will definitely be fun movies!