Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Since I first saw 10 Things I Hate About You I loved Heath Ledger. He was extordinarily adorable. I later found out that the hottie was not only an Ozzie, but also a Scotsman... hubba hubba! The interviews I'd seen made him seem so normal and down to earth.
So I was totally shocked when I heard that he had died. I read that text message from Roxy several times over before it sunk in. I'm really glad that Batman was done filming though. I've been really excited about that movie, and now you know it's going to get the same treatment (more so really because he's much more well known) as The Crow did. I think I'll pop in a couple of his movies to watch this weekend as a memorial. It's so sad that someone so young and talented had to die, but what makes me much upset is who he left behind. I can't stop thinking about his poor baby girl. :(


Trena said...

Meghan - I am so, so, so sad about this. I can't even read anything about it because it makes me so sad. I'll always love him!

Peasy said...

Steve and I were in a funk for a long time yesterday over this. :( Sending hugs. He was an amazing actor.