Saturday, December 15, 2007

Metal Geek Magnet

So Matthew bought a bunch of new clothes yesterday at Anchor Blue. They're really nice, but not what you'd normally see him wearing... they were really more like Aaron and Michael's style... button up shirt, pull-over sweater and nice jeans. He looks cute... just a little different than what you'd normally expect him in. I'm sick today so I was disheveled and wearing jeans and a Family Values Tour shirt.

We went to the grocery store and went down the frozen food aisle. Matthew was looking at the icecream acros the case and further down the asile from me (I was looking at frozen dinner stuffs) when this geeky box boy came up behind me all excited. "So cool! I went there too!!" And gives me this toothy grin and a double thumbs up and went on his merry little way. I just kinda nodded and smiled and went back to studying the frozen food case.

He ended up in line behind me and Matthew later (I think he was on break) so he was asking me who my favorite was and started telling me about how cool this year's tour was and he had SO much fun and... you get the idea.I was laughing about it in the car to Matthew. I said something about how he must not have very many friends who he can talk to about that kind of stuff if he has to talk to ladies at the store who are like 10 years older than him. So Matthew didn't think I was correct on the age thing. "You think he was only 18?" Uh yeah, on the UPPER end of how old he could have been. The kid's voice was still cracking.

Wherever he his he can feel glad he made a sick "old" lady feel better. I cracked a smile and even laughed a little.

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Trena said...

That's what you get for wearing your rocker shirts and looking cute in the frozen food isle!! Ha!!!