Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I want to play so bad...

This having my computer down is driving me nuts! I so want to goof off with a little creativity!

I finally bought a Starbucks customizable tumbler. I don't know how long I've been looking but I finally found one by chance last Thursday. Now I get to use my template that I bought (don't ask me where because someday when I get my EHD working again I'll find it and let you know then) awhile back and CREATE something fun for it.

I know I said I'd get a new header... but it's not working for me right now (creating, not the actual act of installing one). I'm still pretty fond of this one so I'm not in a super rush anyway.

Lately I've been getting less jazzed about some designers and more so about others. It's not so much something the designers did, it's more like I'm just getting more inspired by a different style lately. The problem? I've been cut WAY back on my DSB budget. Well, I dunno if cut back is the appropriate word as much as I was given one. Bummer. I know where my hard earned money is getting dumped next time I can buy though. :)

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