Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To friend or not to friend

That is my big question on MySpace/Facebook.

Do you add people you hardly know? I try not to, but then there are people I knew well at one time that I don't know really at all anymore. Then there are the people who I hardly know but I've had a lot of fun with them the few times I've seen them (or in the case of Trena's family I blog stalk them and have become buddies with them that way). Either way, they're not quite acquaintances and not quite friends. I like them as people so I add them.

But what do you do if a family member is dating someone? Or a really close friend? I have one friend that got friended after my sister was dating him, I've met him once. As nice as he is, they're not dating anymore (but still friends) and I don't know him. Do I remove him? Let's not get me started on the various girls that have liked/dated my brother-in-law or close male friends that I've added. So far, I've kept those girls because I've developed a small connection to them personally.

But now what do I do with the NEW girls? How soon is too soon to add someone like that? Facebook doesn't help when they SUGGEST people that you MAY know based upon how many common friends you have with someone. That feature freaks me out.

The funny thing that happened with that feature was that it told me to add some guy that I'd never heard of. According to Facebook, this person shared 2 friends with me, my cousin that moved to Detroit from our area when she was like 8ish (and now lives in Utah) and the now ex boyfriend of my sister. My sister doesn't know how they're connected either. It could be a couple different things, you never know when you're LDS. Y'know how they say everyone is connected in 6 degrees? If you're both Mormon then it's only 3, and 4 if you're not Mormon but related to some or hang out with them a lot.

Anyway... how do you decide who to add and who not to? (And follow my blog roll for my friend Tam's Facebook rejects blog... it's funny!)

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