Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My faith in American Idol has been restored (the whole Daughtry mess really pissed me off). I haven't watched a stitch of this whole season since the semester started. Tonight was the first episode with the top 20 at all that I've watched. That being said...


Just because I didn't watch AI doesn't mean I haven't kept up with people. I've enjoyed both Davids this season but my favorite one won!

From the moment I saw this video I knew he was my American Idol this year. It's probably my all time favorite Beatles song & I found the video by happenchance. One of my co-workers mentioned that the Archuleta cover of Imagine was amazing, so I checked it out. Then I was curious about what other songs had been done... and I found David Cook. <3 <3 <3

So, Matthew and I were watching and I was wondering something about DC (can't remember what now) and I made the "mistake" of going onto Wikipedia... so I knew who won by 9:30 my time. I'll just say that I squealed with excitement when I saw who won. And then watching him actually win, awwwww. He cried. So cute.

And now that Idol is over... So You Think You Can Dance starts Thursday! WOOOOOOOO! I'm OH so jazzed!!

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