Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Custom Chucks that make Bono proud

Oh how I love my new shoesies!

Even the box is cool...

A shoe bag? Wow, cool!!

How's that for personalization? I wanted PixieMegh on the back but I had one too many letters. My scrap-board girls call me Pixie anyway... it's now become a nickname of sorts.

I'm thinking I should have made the tongue blue too now, but whatever. I wanted them as close to my usual as possible. I'm weird about matching so the minimal blue is really okay.

See? They're officially Red-ed. I wanna meet the coolest Irishman to walk the planet now.

For all you globally aware people, I am aware that (Product) RED is controversial. I bought the shoes that I normally would have... except now their customized... I paid more and SOMETHING is going to a good cause. That's better than what I would have given before had I just gone to the mall and picked up my usual pair of black low tops.


Jessica Stier said...

Awesomeness and a good cause... Really, I'm not sure how fighting AIDS could be a bad thing.

Plus you get cool shoes!

Lorie said...

oh man those are freakin sweeeeet!!!!

and for a good cause too!

Trena said...

I LOVE them!