Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm inspired. I've been trying to get some really good shots of my SIL's kids. After seeing photos from this site, www.janvonholleben.com, I now have a renewed inspiration to try out some more.

Beautiful huh? Check out the dreams of flying collection. Great shots! *sigh* I'm inspired... and stuck at work. Blah!

These just serve as reminders that I need a better camera. Matthew's is nice, but I don't want to wait to fill and develop a roll. I'd love to have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR. Maybe someday. I really should aspire for a laptop with PSE4 installed first as that will be able to bring my creativity (as well as my school work) into another plane. I love my Sony (Cybershot P-200) but it's kinda restrictive in the micro/macro department.

I feel rather mopey the last few days. I cheated pretty bad on my diet this weekend as we were going all over and didn't have much control (well... truthfully is we were being lazy but shhhhh) over where/what we ate. I didn't gain more weight so that's good at least.

I really needa park my behind behind the computer at home a crank out those LO's. I'm on a CT and I REALLY need to concentrate on that right now. Thankfully I've got a few ideas floating in my head... I've just got to put them to paper... er... pixel.

So tired... must go nap...

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Laura said...

i'm the same way on sleeping! i drag myself through the day, but come 9 or 10 o'clock when i can go to bed i'm wide awake and scrapping. Ugh, it's a vicious cycle.