Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Randomness in it's finest points

I’ve been AWOL for a few days now. Oops!

Go to for an update too (shameless plug).

I’ve got major scrapper’s block right now. Not the kind where you can’t seem to DO anything… the kind were all your layouts look the same. I guess that’s more of a rut isn’t it?

I’ve also got some strange bit of insomnia. I’m like falling asleep in the afternoons (or fighting to stay awake the whole time) and then I get a second wind and keep myself up until 1 am. As you can see, it’s a self perpetuating problem.

The diet is going okay. I’m not losing pounds or what I notice as inches either… but I keep getting compliments so I guess it’s working… somehow. I’ll have to do photo comparisons soon I guess.

So steady as she goes… Have you heard Jack White’s new band yet? The Raconteurs, they’re awesome! I’ve been slowly sucked into indie rock the last few years (ever since the Killers). It’s been floating around a lot for quite some time… but every time I heard the term it didn’t really mean anything to me. Now I know. I really like it. In addition to the Killers I also greatly appreciate The Postal Service, Muse (I liken them to Queen), The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie. DCFC is played quite often on The OC. Musically that show is phenomenal (yes I watch it semi-religiously and I’m SO glad that they killed off Marissa because Mischa Barton bothers me greatly). Any newer artist featured on there seems to get popular right away. That’s all in thanks to Adam Brody (Seth) who is a real hipster when it comes to music. He’s really adorable too.

For those who are curious… my favorite radio station here is KROQ. You can hear their live stream at I LOVE their morning show, Kevin & Bean (so freaking funny) and the evening show done by Nicole Alvarez. She never has a shortage on the metal stuff… NIN, KoRn, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park etc. She is my girl! KROQ is also the home of Love Line with Dr. Drew (where Adam Corolla got his start). Drew is an awesome man. He’s helped so many people with so many problems/questions it’s unbelievable.

I think that’s all for now. I just had some randomness that needed to be put to paper.

Kisses and huggles.

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