Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First rule of AI... don't try to be a triple/double threat. If you're one of those "I'm the whole package" people, you're not going to make it. Know why? Because truly talented people usually are a little more modest about it.

Rule #2, if you're the singer in a semi-decent band, tell the band you're trying out for AI. This first one through wanted to go "the Daughtry route" and add the band back if she makes it through. Problem? If I remember right, Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry both told their bands and got support from them, Constantine Maroulis didn't. He went behind their back and they weren't too happy with him if I remember correctly.

NEVER sing a diva's song, especially if you're male, unless you've sung before a PAYING audience.

If the judges are grooving and dancing with you, they're just making the best of a bad moment. If they really liked your singing, they'd be nodding, quietly listening, with a small smile from Simon. If he gives you a big SE grin, run. He's trying very hard not to laugh in your face.

Oh. And if the deny you, and you STILL think you are a good singer, take it professionally. Thank them for their time, maybe ask for some suggestions if you feel up to more criticism, and walk away. Maybe you're right, maybe you really ARE that good, but use this as a learning experience, don't act like an @$$ on national TV, someone may remember you as a drama queen, and hold it against you later. :)

I love American Idol!


Anonymous said...

That's not true about Constantine's band. After the American Idol tour, Constantine went on a cross-country tour with them, in which he financed the entire tour. I know this because I was at a couple of the tour stops and saw them.

Anonymous said...

Idol only let's you see what they want you to see - for the drama. Keep in mind that you are being manipulated to feel a certain way - for good TV.

You know not what you speak about the relationship between Constantine and his band.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Don't believe the drama AI tried to create about Constantine's band. They loved the publicity. It was more of a storyline than reality.

Anonymous said...

Constantine brought the band much exposure; more than they would ever have had otherwise. Do you not remember the plugs he gave the band during the season? When talking to Ryan before his performance, he mentioned Pray for the Soul of Betty a couple of times. Go back and listen to that season and you'll see what I mean. I don't think the band felt deserted; they probably felt grateful.

Pixie said...

Constantine, thanks for visiting my blog. :) Sorry I got your life story wrong. I remember watching the episode that you told your band AFTER you tried out. And look what it did for your career. You're up there with Kelly and Carrie!

Trena said...



Amen sista! I love those auditions too!

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