Monday, February 23, 2009


So, maybe I wasn't totally censored, but you decide.

I've got lots of friends. (Most people do, so I'm not tooting my horn I'm just stating the obvious I guess.) I was out with a few of them on Saturday night with Matthew. Four of us met at a house and decided where we were going, called the 5th on our way out the door to meet him there (Macaroni Grill). We got there first and put our names in while we waited for #5 to show. While we were waiting, #5 calls and says that his younger brother is supposed to take his "just friends" girl friend to a MG tonight too. We laughed and said it'd be funny if they ended up at the one we were going to and blew it off.

#5 shows up, our table comes up, we get seated. We're sitting for like 2 minutes when in walks younger #5 (now known as mini) and his "non-date." They're brought right past our table on their way to theirs and don't see us. And they're WHAT? They're holding hands.

"Just Friends" guys don't take "just friends" girls to MG by themselves and hold hands. Just saying.

So what do we do? What any mature group of late 20's people in this day and age do. We text bombed mini. We told him our own variations of "Just friends don't hold hands." He texts #5 back wanting to know where we were. We were in another room, but there was a fireplace in between that Matthew could see mini though. So Matt texts mini to say "I can see you."

Okay so we're done right? Not quite. There's a lovely young lady wandering around the place who had a lovely operatic voice. We had her go sing Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up to them. Our waitress was awesome and took a picture.

THEN we left them alone. We ate and left. As we were loading back into the cars, mini & date came out. They made some jokes about it... including her comment "you were making him be a bad date." (We think in reference to his texting)

We went along our merry little way. I posted the picture on Facebook in a Friends only album, tagged mini & date with some smart-arse caption like "Just friends? Really? Holding hands... yeah."

So then I was told to take it down. For what? Stealth dating is lame. Everyone else already knows you're dating, even if you two don't seem to know. Not my problem. I took it down to keep the peace, but I'm not happy about it.

To the girl in question: I like you, you're really nice and a lot of fun... but so is mini. You really should ADMIT that you're dating him. It's crap that you're either too ashamed or embarrassed to admit to dating such a great guy. He deserves someone that will be excited to tell people that he asked them out or, at the very least, doesn't care if she's seen in public with him.

To mini: you know all this already. Can't keep my mouth shut completely, it's the mama bear kicking in.


The "Street" Clairs said...

That must have been fun-until the rmeoval from the site. Too bad not everyone was able to laugh at it. It was good to see you Sunday.

Shy said...

Hahaha that is a freakin funny story. This is why I hate dating after I'm interested in some1. I hate the whole uncertainty of not knowing. Yes it's fun for awhile buttttttttt,then after awhile it just kills me not to know. Then your always wondering, doubting, mind playing tricks on you. Then people start playing games to look more desirable to the other person. Usually all this does is hurt people and make you look like a jerk. I LIKE KNOWING JUST TELL ME YOU LIKE ME ALREADY!!! Can we just save ourselves from going on all those other crappy dates faking it like we are having loads of fun when we clearly are not (I hate that feeling sigh).Can we save ourselves from dating all these other crazy creepy people. I would rather be on a date with some1 I like and have fun with that really makes me laugh. Where I don't have to try and fake laugh (because I'm a crappy actress).

It really is not that hard to say I like you can we just date each other. I'm not very patient as you can tell lol. Maybe that's my problem. I think I'm just a blunt person and that's how I was raised. My family is Hispanic and so we are very vocal. You already know this though Megh haha. They really should just come clean and be honest with themselves and each other. They would feel 10 times better not to mention happier. But anyways what do I know lolol. Sorry didn't mean to get personal too.....hahaha.