Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scrap Gifty Goodness

I saw in a digital imaging magazine this really cute idea a few months back. She had made some onsies for her daughter using really cool fonts and reversing them and doing all kinds of fun brush work. One of my friends from HS had her baby shower yesterday and I decided to make some cute stuff without spending a fortune and they'd be much more personalized too!

The first one was inspired by her husband's obsession with Japanese culture. He says he always was, even before he served his mission in Japan. They both went back for a trip about this time last year so I thought it'd be fun to carry on the Japanese theme their family has got going on.
Bamboo brush from DesignFruit, ninja is from a cartoon based on this guy and font is Chinese Takeaway
Recognize the second image? Isn't my little Jonas cute?
My photo of Littlest Pet Shop turtle, font is John Doe
Here's the outcome with the images all printed and ready to go.
And here's the GC I made for her too. I don't know what her baby book theme was going to be (she scraps too) or sizes or anything, so instead of making the pages ahead of time she can give me the photos she wants and then I'll scrap 'em for her.
And once I was done with all that... I hadda make a card!!
Here they are all finished...
Printed on Bazzill cardstock, brushes by Design Fruit and font is John Doe (I found that font via Gina's blog and I love it!!)
Okay... I think I had too much fun with this one. I also added a Target GC into the mix. Can't EVER have too many of those!!

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Dot said...

You're too good. LOLq

I wanna be a ninja! I need that shirt! hehe