Monday, November 23, 2009

Name that Tune

I had so much fun playing "Name That Tune" on Twitter a week or so back, that I decided to post my "clues" for all you non-Twit folk. :) Answers in between the brackets in white so you don't get spoiled (just highlight in between and it'll tell you the answer).

NTT: Gifted group of spirits chanting for fairy resurrection.
>Blessed Union of Souls, I Believe<

NTT: Audio horticulture leads to planet explosion.

>Sound Garden, Blow Up the Outside World<

NTT: Standards of how to prepare for a hug.
>Creed, With Arms Wide Open<

NTT: Making vows to an idol in a white suit.
>Billy Idol, White Wedding<

NTT: There's a Hole in your famous epidermis.
>Hole, Celebrity Skin <

NTT: Bono may be on a higher level, but he still can't count.
>U2, Vertigo <

NTT: 90s "You're positive that you're stuck in a cliche." Title & artist are in clue. 4 pts.
>No Doubt, Trapped in a Box <

NTT: (90s classic) 2 songs/points, 1 artist... Counting ladies & car parts.
>The Wallflowers, 3 Marlenas, One Headlight<

NTT: (90s classic) Walking dead man... In your head.
>The Cranberries, Zombie <

NTT: (90s classic) You shouldn't reflect upon memories with unpleasant feelings. 3 pts

>Oasis, Don't Look Back in Anger<

NTT: (90s classic) Lacking in precipitation

>Blind Melon, No Rain <

NTT: This Weezer album reminds me of the picture book series about a Great Dane. (3pts if you get it w/o cheating)

>Pinkerton <

NTT: 90s classic... The aroma of deoderant
>Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit<

NTT: (Killers) How gossip starts
>Somebody Told Me <

NTT: Third Eye Blind wasn't singing about Hayden Christianson, but I wish they were.
>Jumper <

NTT: Spontaneous combusting underwear
>Kings of Leon, Your Sex is on Fire<

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Dot said...

"NTT: Audio horticulture leads to planet explosion."

That is, and forever will be, my favorite clue. :)