Sunday, October 17, 2010


Tomorrow (or really today now) I embark on a new journey at church. I have been the Primary Chorister (singing time leader for children 3-11) for just over 2 years. That means I've survived 3 programs, 3 pianists (one of them twice), gained friends, watched others move away and a whole passel of kidlets. I had them sing this year's "anthem" for me one last time last week and started sobbing 3 lines in. I honestly think it was the best they'd sung it all year. The little ones looked a bit freaked out because how often do you see adults cry like that? It was time for a change, but I'm still gonna miss the little buggers.

Tomorrow/today I start as the Beehive advisor (girls 12 & 13). I'm very excited for this group. I've been told they're the biggest class of teens in our ward (congregation). For you non-LDS folk (if there even are really), we separate our boys and girls for usually the last hour of church (they still attend Sunday School together, and yes, we have 3 hours of church). In those groups we separate them again into 2 year blocks. So I have the youngest ones girls, fresh out of Primary. Because I've served in our ward so much in Primary I know all of the girls already somewhat. No new names really, but I get to get to know them much better now.

This change has inspired me to try and take my personal spiritual growth more seriously. I've always had a testimony of the gospel and never really questioned it. It has always made sense to me. I know some may find that to be a bit gullible or naive to just take, but I've had enough good experiences in my life and felt a closeness to my Savior enough that I've never really doubted. I guess it's just been a blessing in my life that way.

This really goes against most of what people would normally expect of me. I'm very sarcastic and can be rather crude if the situation allows. I need to work on that more. I feel like I'm going to have to be a better person so that I may be a better example to my girls now. This may be the change I needed to give myself a kick in the butt.

Until then, I'm giving a chastity lesson for my first run. Greeeaaat. Wish me luck!


Peasy said...

Good luck, it sounds like a perfect fit for you!

the low-key society said...

Interesting facet of life, I am glad to have read it. Good luck for the future.