Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alice I Have Been- Book #10

I've mentioned before that I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan. I've always loved the books, but the last several years has expanded my ability to kick my interest into borderline obsession. Isn't the internet great? Because of Netflix, I can now rent/stream film & TV adaptations that were hard to come by years ago. I can read fan fiction comics written by other fans- and their subsequent fandom. i can read reviews and easily access info on books and get them at the library or buy them. I can look at party, costume and collectible ideas. Crafting, photography, art. It's all at my fingertips.

I can't deny the excitement I felt when I first heard about Tim Burton's film long before it hit the theaters. I LOVED the SyFy channel's recent visit to Wonderland too.

I first heard the "darker side" of this story's legacy when I took a children's list class at Cerritos. I had to buy a copy of Gardner's Annotated Alice for the class and read the articles about dear Mr. Dodson and it broke my heart. How upsetting that a man by all means was a minor hear in my nerdasphere was so... icky. My only consolation was that it was a VERY long time ago and he wasn't benefiting from my patronage.

AS the years have gone by, I've read conflicting accounts and evaluations of the man. I prefer to choose to believe the better, more positive views. The poor lonely man. This book helped me see beyond all that and see the man for what I hope he was. Who knows the truth? Only a few people long gone, and I've come to realize that it doesn't' ruin Alice for me either way.

This book was ever-so-wonderful. It expanded the dreamworld of Alice. The author took the few known facts surrounding Alice Liddel's life, and common speculation, and wrote a beautifully heartbreaking story about a girl, and then woman, who lost her way along her life and was haunted by memories that she couldn't even remember. It was wonderful. It left me all dreamy for days after finishing it. FANTASTIC book! Favorite of the year so far!

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