Thursday, February 08, 2007

I’m officially a dork

Okay. I’ve been avoiding the whole Lonelygirl15 thing for a long time now. I thought it was a great concept but didn’t want to get involved as I knew that I’d be hooked. Then I somehow stumbled upon it in Wiki. I have no clue how it happened, I don’t even remember what I was looking at but something made a reference to it so I clicked on it and read up on it… intriguing. Then I heard Katherine McPhee was to be on an episode. The next thing I knew I stayed up really late 3 nights in a row last week to catch up on the whole thing. I was just watching her vids and then realized that I needed to go back and watch Daniel’s… and then I realized there was this Gemma chick… and then there was Jonas. I got all caught up on the 3rd night and then somehow figured out that there were several video accounts also owned by “The Order.” FORGET IT! I thought.

And yeah, I got sucked back in. I think I’ll just have my LG15 night on Tuesdays and watch them all at once. I’ve since figured out that there’s also some chick named Cassie that I need to watch her handful of vids. After that I’m not adding anything! I know there’s at least 7 or 8 YouTube channels carrying the story, I’ll just keep up with the 4 I followed those first few days.

I do recommend that you go to if you’re going to start out though. They have ALL the videos in order for you there. As opposed to trying to figure out who’s jumping in and when and getting all mixed up and scattered like I did. Know that it’ll take you forever too. This started as a 2-minute video every few days over the last 9 months or so. Once the extra characters get their own videos in, it’s up to 129 right now (according to At about 2 minutes each that puts you at about 4.3 hours (some videos go longer than the 2 min. too so that just increases the viewing time).

There’s also some whole alternate reality game going along with it. People are really into this whole thing, trying to figure stuff out. There are phone numbers to call (hidden in the videos) that play messages with MORE clues on them. It’s crazy! I’d love to get all into it all, but I DO have a life… somewhat. I’ll just stick to videos only I guess. I can handle watching and waiting for the story to unfold before me. It’s kinda cool though. It’s almost like a real-life MMORPG for free! Ha ha!

Here’s her first video… on You Tube… for whatever reason the website doesn’t have this one. Google bought You Tube, Google owns Blogger, so why I can’t get a code to link to the video here is beyond my comprehension… but here’s the link to the video page.

And then if you go to LG15 you can get videos 2-129. ;) There’s a few in there that I need to go back and see since I missed them before. Have fun!!

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