Friday, July 20, 2007

Tonight is the night

I'm so stoked! I'm going to a release party at my local Borders. They're having a ball, a Snape debate and all sorts of cool stuff. Then I'll be locked away reading all weekend. ;) Not really. I've gotta go to my company picnic tomorrow late morning and all afternoon and then I'm gonna go see Hairspray in the evening. My dad's birthday is Sunday too so parts of that day will be shot as well. It's okay though... I already took Monday and Tuesday off in preparation for this. I asked for it off back in April or something... as soon as the release date was announced. I'm such a dork.

I'm kinda sad though. It's the end. The REAL end now. I know it'll be worth it though. And it's not like I can't read it over and over anyway. Anyway, I've gotta go get ready for work. Laters!


Kate The Great said...

I'm totally watching the last 15 minutes on your counter right now...Well not NOW butcause I'm typing... but you get the idea.

Kate The Great said...

Whee! That was fun.