Sunday, November 18, 2007

You've had a birthday, shout hooray!

Okay, so it's really Tuesday, but I had a very birthday weekend because Thanksgiving is next weekend (Matthew's entire family is coming into town). I still get to celebrate a few more times. I'm going to dinner with a few girlfriends tomorrow night and hanging out with my family Tuesday or Wednesday night.
My first present was actually from Trena. When we went to see Wicked she covered part of my ticket price because the cost was a little steep for me (and you already saw what crazy fun we had that night!!). Tonight she gave me a $10 gc from Starbucks too. Yay it's hot chocolate weather... yummy!!

I went to lunch with Sarah and Jenny (Philip and Gavin too) yesterday at the Olive Garden (soup and salad... YUM!). We totally forgot to take a picture!! But Jenny had bought a cute little Tinkerbell wallet for me. And Sarah got me my awesome new Tinkerbell shirt, magic wand pen, lip gloss and door hanger. Hey! I'm easy to please!

Tonight I had a yummy breakfast burrito dinner. :D And I got more awesome goodies! My mother-in-law, Melissa, got me this adorable purse (the cute flowery one) above. Even the lining is cute!! It's totally handmade and they'll repair normal wear and tear issues. I'm really loving internet shopping, you get GREAT quality stuff and you help out small businesses! Matthew got me a bag from Satchel Studio (Mine is Bici in olive). It's blank for now, but I may send it back for decoration. I really don't know what I want on it yet. Weird huh? I like Graffitti and Japanese (image 8 for both) but I was thinking a photo collage of me and Matthew and our sibbies. But I also thought that'd work better on a purse... hmm... we'll see! I'm telling you, these bags are going to really take off!!

Sarah and Michael got me black Alice style Crocs! They're stinking cute and super comfy! I swear I've thought people were exaggerating when they said walking on marshmallows... they weren't! They're also getting me a gc for GMD. Yippee!!

Thanks to everyone for the fun stuff!! :D I've got great friends and family and I got to spend this weekend with some of them (and the rest before the week is out) and that is what made it really great! (and the food ;) )


Jessica Stier said...

Happy Birthday!!!

It sounds like you're having a great birthday week. Yay!

Trena said...

Happy Birthday Meghan! My November buddy!! :) I love you!

Trena said...

Meghan - I know I already posted on this post already, but I just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog and I can't wait until you are out of school so you can blog more!!