Sunday, September 23, 2007

I think I'll try defying gravity

We saw Wicked last night. Tickets landed in Trena's lap on Tuesday. I was so excited I wanted to burst! It was the best thing I've seen on stage EVER! I topped Lion King and Cats (I've seen both at the Pantages previously). I'm getting the soundtrack tomorrow! (I've been meaning to anyway, but now I HAVE to have it.)

That's us right after we got out. We wanted to take a picture but that's the best we could pull off. There were a TON of people there! So as I walked along the street I took pictures of all the different signs/posters around so that I'd have enough for a page (I'll probably actually make a 2 page spread for this one). When we got to the corner, I took a picture of the Pantages' marquee from the side but the first "A" wasn't on. I asked Trena if she minded crossing only one street (we were standing kitty-corner to the parking lot at that moment) and going back up a bit to get a better shot. She understands my obsession so she agreed.

As we're walking back up the other side of the street (which has that covered scaffolding around it) a bus pulls up. My first thought? "Great... it's going to be in the way." Trena's thought? "Great... middle of Hollywood at 11pm, what kind of crazies are we going to see?" We keep walking another 20 feet or so and are now directly across from the theater. I took this picture:

Isn't it kinda tacky looking? LOL Whatever. I'm sure the ones on Broadway look tacky too. I was perfectly happy with this shot but Trena offered to take one of me in front of it all. I handed her my camera and she took 2 shots.

I notice as she's taking my second picture that the scruffy guy we just past is walking by... pausing... now stopping, behind Trena. (I only noticed him before because I was looking at all the names on the stars on the sidewalk and carefully stepped over a mysterious "trickle" running down towards the street and saw his boots when I looked up.) So I walk over to her and offer to take HER picture now only the weird guy starts cat calling. "Hola chica. Como te llamas?" Whatever. If that was supposed to intimidate us, we live in Southern California buddy, we know BASIC Spanish. We decide to start walking back the way we came at that point because we're kinda "alone." There were people all over because it was still crowded from the show but we didn't need to encourage the guy either.

We walk away quickly and catch up with a huge group of people (back under the scaffolding again). This tweaked out 80s rocker guy is standing there (think David Bowie in Labyrinth) with his back to the plywood and since it's kind of narrow we're going to have to walk within inches of this guy. Trena is a little ahead of me and he puts his hand out to grope her! Fortunately she's got a jacket on and all he gets is her elbow. She yanked her arm away, I caught up with her, grabbed her other arm and we started to jog the rest of the way to the corner.

We were laughing so hard! We kept joking about how the boys were at home, enjoying themselves while we were getting molested and walking the dangerous streets of Hollywood. She called Aaron once we got into the car so they knew not to worry and they don't answer! He called back a little bit later and said they'd just gotten out of Good Luck Chuck. So Trena told him what happened and he said they'd just been watching a porno. Apparently it was pretty low grade sex humor. I'm glad I didn't go now. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little crudeness but if it made Matthew uncomfortable then I'll pass.

But that's the story of Meghan and Trena and what happens when we walk down Hollywood Blvd. after dark. :D I want to go back and take pictures of Trena in front too because that just SUCKS!

I took a few more pictures but you'll just have to wait for the scrapped page! ;)

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Cindy said...

I'm *green* with envy (well, except for the groping part -lol!)