Friday, September 14, 2007


Hee hee! I snagged a victim. One of Trena's sister-in-laws (and one of baby Thyssen's many adorable aunties) emailed me the other night to ask about digiscrapping. You should have seen the novel of "basic links" I sent her. I sent her to the Piracy blog, Shabby Princess, GMD, DST, SB.C and Sheila's blogs (among many other useful places). I can't wait to see her first layout! The lucky duck already has REAL PhotoShop as her hubby is an extremely talented artist. Some day... *sigh*

I also got sucked into another fun blog yesterday. She had me laughing a lot. Then I got to THIS post. I laughed so hard I got a belly ache and very misty eyed. She is my new hero and I can only hope to be that awesome of a mom!!

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Jessica Stier said...

I made my first page!!! I have some changes to make to it but for the most part it's finished. It' up on my blog.