Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Green green green!

Wow... now blue is actually my favorite color (since black isn't really a COLOR) but lately... everything around me is green.

We already know about my little adventure with Wicked last week...

Then there is my growing little family of LPS turtles. (That's Emma, Bree, Jonas and Rhiannon.)
And last... but most certainly not least... The Green Fairy.
Isn't she beautiful? She's a new Dell Inspiron. The mouse came last Monday, bag on Thursday and my little fairy came on Friday. I did nothing but play with her all weekend (and go see Wicked)!

Side note on the bag. That is the Kiwi/chocolate one being offered from Mimi. They were designed with the digital scrapbooker in mind. There's extra padded pockets for my mice and tablet and disks and a camera... you get the idea. I LOVE it!! The suede is SO soft too. I bought mine from Their customer service was awesome! I hit a little snag while trying to purchase it (my email wasn't clicking or something weird) but Maegan was super nice and held onto the bag I wanted (she's closing these out... they're on sale) for me until her friendly tech team could fix the issue for me. I started the ordering process the same Sunday I ordered GF. They fixed problem and still got my bag to me the day before I had my computer! I had also pestered her a year ago (when I thought I was going to get my computer the first time around) for details about sizes and the such and she was as friendly as can be!!

I just wanted to gloat some more! ;)

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Jessica Stier said...

Lovely!!! How fun!

Ok, a totally unrelated question for you... What size do you make yuor image for your blog title? I made a title but it didn't work.