Thursday, July 24, 2008

Magnets can change their shape, but they still attract

For a smallish timespan, I changed my banner every month. For one reason, I loved how Dooce changes that often, and for another, I'd get very bored with my banner. Then one day I realized I was a metal geek magnet. I found if funny and spent more time than usual on my banner. Then the month came and went, and I still really liked my banner. I thought it was fun and I'd leave it up for awhile longer than normal. Several months have gone by and a couple promises of updating as well... but the banner remains (cue the Metallica riffs).

The last couple weeks I've really decided that I needed to change it, but didn't make the time and when I did, I didn't like any concepts I'd worked up. So it's still there due to laziness. After last night, I'm thinking that I won't take it down for a LONG time.


Matthew and I went to RatLand for our ritualistic public "drunkeness". 2 Skippies were skipping out, 1 planned, 1 burned out so we planned to meet Allen at Downtown Disney for dinner with Matthew's 2 brothers (Trena got her behind conned to going to Girls Camp again so Aaron is a free agent this week) and possibly hang out for a bit in the park if we felt up to it (getting old again I think).

We got our food at the Tortilla Joe's window and the guy leaned across Matthew to yell out the little window at me. He wanted to know if I was excited about "the new album." And then proceeded to tell me that he can't wait until he can see them live. Die hard Metallica fan who was desperate to escape Disney insanity for a minute? Or could it have been the Metallica logo stretched across my boobs? Who knows... but they always wanna talk to me.


Evs & The Hubby said...

That is funny. Mike always forgets that some of his shirts have sayings on them and it is great to see people's reactions to them and his reaction to theirs.

Trena said...

You are a metal geek magnet! :) We should totally hang out soon - I've been out of the loop lately. Aaron said he had a really fun time with you guys this last week!