Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First off: Happy Pinktober! :) These are the little (3' long really) pink ribbons someone ties on trees/lampposts near my work every October. There are more than double the usual amount this year. They made me happy.

This next one made me think of Trena. I could just hear her voice saying "in bed" after reading this one aloud.

Had a family bridal shower last weekend. Here I am with my cousin Kristal (we're 3 months apart) and her darling baby girl.

It's that time of year again, Los Angeles is burning. Well, really the San Bernardino mountains. Here was a view from a street near my house (you can hardly tell in the photo but it LOOKED close... it's really not).

But the fun part about LA burning is the purtiful sunsets we get here. Give and take folks. Again, the real thing was MUCH more vibrant, deep reds there at the middle of the horizon.
Ta-da! Save 2nd Base! ;)


Trena Schulze said...

I love the fortune cookies! Ha! I can't believe how big Crystal's little girl is! She is adorable.

Cass said...

I do LOVE the sunsets we've been having lately. And pictures never do them justice.