Monday, October 20, 2008

My "list"

Today anyway... it changes often enough... one person stays the same... guess.

1) Johnny Depp ~ 2) Edward Norton ~ 3) Jason Statham ~ 4) Ewan McGregor ~ 5) Christian Bale
Can you see the pattern? :) This isn't why, I just realized it after I stated it today on Twitter. There's actually 3. The first...

1) Finding Neverland ~ 2) The Illusionist ~ 3) In the Name of the King ~ 4) just posing ;) ~ 5) The Prestige (and Newsies and Swing Kids...)

Period films. :) Love 'em. They've also got quite a bit of UK in it. (Ok Ewan's in kilt, and not Moulin Rouge garb, I couldn't help it though).

1) Sweeney Todd ~ 2) American History X ~ 3) Crank (really all his movies) ~ 4) Star Wars Eps 1-3 ~ 5) Batman Begins/Dark Knight

They're all bad boys. ;) Or at least bad-azzes.

1) Sleepy Hollow ~ 2) The Incredible Hulk ~ 3) Crank ~ 4) Miss Potter ~ 5) Little Women

And the love birds. This was fun... and cheered me up. I had a major bi-otchy attitude today. Who is your 5?

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Trena Schulze said...

That's a really hard question! I would have to say Colin Firth, Ioan Gruffudd, James McAvoy and .... I don't know who else. I think all the guys I mentioned are either British or Welsh. Funny.