Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers!

I went to go pump my gas today... And promptly locked my keys in the car. Only my ATM card was on me! I had gone inside to ask to use the phone to call Matt (because no one has Slim Jims anymore) and the guy that had been pumping gas next to me said that someone opened it for me!

I walked out and this BIG BEEFY guy had his pick-up pulled up behind me with his wife/girlfriend waving from the front seat. He was closing the toolbox on his truck & my door was open! I just thanked him over & over. He was very nice & said [Judy] had seen me trying to get in & thought I needed help. So I thanked all 3 of them & went off, back to work!


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Peasy said...

Wow, crazy that he did it without even asking. Nice tho!